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Obtaining a High Page Rank From Search Engine Listings

If you get a high page rank from search engine listings, it means there are more chances of people visiting your website. In other words, a high page rank increases your visibility.

So, how can you obtain a high page rank in search engines? You can obtain a high page rank if you clearly understand how pages are ranked by search engines.

Then after, you can work toward putting in place the factors that search engines consider as important so that your page gets a high rank.

The question is how do crawler-based search engines determine the most relevant web pages for a given set of key phrases?

Web-crawlers utilize a set of rules to sift through millions of web pages and return a page or pages that are most relevant to the search time. This set of rules is known as an algorithm. Search engines keep the nitty-gritty of their specific algorithm to themselves but all of them generally use the same basic rules discussed below.

Location and frequency

The location and frequency of keywords on a web page is a key factor in how algorithms determine relevance and therefore page rank.

Imagine going to the librarian and saying ‘cooking’ to the. They will probably ask for more information and start their search with books containing the word ‘cooking’ in the title. Search engine algorithms work in a similar way. They will assume that pages containing the search terms in the HTML title tags are more relevant.

Additionally, search engine algorithms will look at where the keywords are placed: if they are at the top of a page (the first paragraph or headline), the assumption is that the page is relevant to the search term.

The algorithms also consider the frequency of the keywords in relation to other words on the page. If certain words are often repeated, that page will be deemed more important than others.


Adding Spices

Almost all search engine algorithms somehow implement the location and frequency rule explained above. However, each search engine spices up its location and frequency method in their own unique way. No two search engines do it in an identical way and that explains why you may get different results on different search engines for the same search term.

The number of web pages indexed and the frequency of indexing differs too from one search engine to another. This means that no two search engines have an identical collection of web pages indexed and this will result in different search engine results.

Off the Page Criteria

There have been numerous cases of ‘clever’ webmasters who’ve tried several underhand methods of increasing their page rank in crawler-based search engines. Consequently, search engines employ ‘off the page criteria’ as well to determine relevance.

Off the page factors cannot be easily influenced by webmasters. These include link analysis and measurement of clickthrough rate.

Link analysis helps search engines determine the ‘importance’ of a given page and thus it’s rank. Search engines use sophisticated tools to identify ‘artificial’ links created to boost importance.

Clickthrough rate is used by search engines to identify the pages that receive most clicks after a search result. A high ranking page that receives few clicks will be dropped, while a lower ranking page that gets more clicks gets a higher page rank.

In order to obtain a high page rank, you need to work around these factors in your web pages; that’s basically putting keywords in the right places and getting the correct frequency, getting the links in, and giving great content to improve clickthrough rate.

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