Internet Marketing Strategies And Tips

Organic SEO or Pay-Per-Click Advertising

If an internet-based business is to have any meaningful chance of making it in the fiercely competitive online market, it has to employ some form of web promotion.

It is primarily for this reason that organic search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click advertising (PPC) have taken hold.

Search Engine Dominance

Both SEO and PPC methods are premised on one basic thing: internet users frequently use search engines to navigate through different pages on websites. In fact, the top search engines are responsible for over 200 million internet searches every day.

What does this mean for web promotion? It means that search engines, if strategically utilized, can be an important source of website traffic.

Organic SEO

Organic SEO is the optimization of web page content so that their relevant in search engine increases, hence higher placement. An organic search query involves typing a keyword search phrase into a search engine’s search bar, and then the search engine’s algorithm will traverse its indexed pages to locate those that are relevant to the keyword phrase typed into the search bar. The pages will be ranked according to level of relevance.

Every search engine has its own principles for determining relevance. Google, largely regarded as leader in search, determines rank using link popularity and keyword relevance.

Thus, to maximize search engine traffic generation, you need to design web pages in a way that would result in a higher rank when an organic query is made for your respective keyword category. Typically, organic SEO aims at making a page rank in the first 10 results of organic search queries, so that it gets maximum visibility, which in turn raises the chances of uses clicking on that page.

banner ad blueprint

To this end, SEO professionals or web masters rewrite web page tags to keywords and related keyword phrases, revamp page titles to reflect keywords, and rewrite content to incorporate anchored text keywords, among others.

Building link popularity also becomes a major priority as well. SEO professionals reach out to web masters of highly relevant sites and request for link exchanges. Some websites buy one-way links. Other webmasters engage a lot in online discussions in blogs, forums, and social networking sites where they expose their URLs.

PPD Advertising

The pay-per-click advertising model was mainly propagated by Overture Services Inc (later bought by Yahoo), and Google through sponsored links. There are lots of other independent PPC companies and search engines that offer pay-per-click advertising.

The true PPC advertising model used by Yahoo and Google requires webmasters that want to promote their sites to issue bids for the desired keywords. A webmaster’s PPC ad that is eventually displayed on search engine results pages is the one that he bid on and got approved.

Organic SEO vs. PPC: Pros and Cons

Both PPC and organic SEO promotion methods generate traffic to a website using search engines. However, these two methods have different approaches that a webmaster should consider before choosing one.


Technically speaking, organic SEO doesn’t cost any money. Organic search results treat both big and small internet companies the same. So long as a page is relevant to the search keywords, it will be picked up by the search engine and displayed among the top results.

However, in the long run, PPC adds up to a significant amount of investment. Keep in mind that for every click on your ad that’s displayed on the search engine results page, you have to pay. Moreover, some clicks may be accidental. The ones that really lead to a sale are very few.

Instant results

PPC would definitely be your first choice if you wanted immediate results. With PPC, your link will be immediately displayed for the chosen keywords. This feature works so strongly in favor of PPC advertising, and if your website is relatively new, you might want to consider PPC for the first months.

When you use organic SEO in the first few months of your website, you cannot expect any significant amount of traffic.

In conclusion, if you want to maximize search engine traffic, you should harness the benefits of both organic SEO and PPC advertising by using a two-pronged strategy. Look at PPC and a launch pad that’s going to thrust you out there, and organic search will keep you in business for the long term.


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