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Paid Search And Branding Tools

Many companies are looking for ways to make the most of advertising expenditure on paid search promotion campaigns so as to maximize return on investment and improve efficiency.

Vendors build tools to carry out automation of the labor intensive job of managing big paid search campaigns. However, as many business leaders have noted, the ultimate automation tool is still a few years from reality.

Majority of businesses use paid search for sales and lead generation because it is normally regarded as a direct response channel.

Paid search has a couple of definite benefits but majority of advertisers concentrate on the softer brand metrics when posting Adwords campaigns. What is of most importance are Clickthrough and Conversion rates.

To some extent, there is no problem with this because these are the things by which direct response channels are measured. They perfectly fit in with paid search as it is a type of measurable media that can be directly correlated to the rate of response.

On the other hand, branding is not the ‘typical’ way that the search channel is used. This is mainly because branding goals greatly differ from those of direct response and therefore, similar measures do not apply. Typical branding goals entail things like generating familiarity, creating awareness, driving recommendations and promoting consideration.

Whereas clicks and purchases do not matter a lot to when it comes to measuring branding effort, you can derive certain metrics from the search channel which do fit well with a branding strategy.

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For instance, you can use stats like frequency and reach to measure to efforts to build brand awareness. It’s possible to measure consideration and familiarity by smartly bidding on paid search terms that denote your brand and measure the effectiveness using clickthrough rate on your ads in relation to other connotative keywords.

Using the search channel for branding is important because there’s a big opportunity for exposure and it only gets bigger.

How to Use Search for Branding

Aim for interest-based keywords – Branding means connecting with your target market through shared interests that are relevant to them. There’s a huge window of opportunity within paid search to aim for keywords that relate to interests tied directly to your brand. For instance, a search query for cooking related keywords like ‘crab cakes’, ‘chicken soup’ or ‘fried chicken’ may return no advertisers.

However, these keywords are perfect opportunities for home-focused brands to expose themselves to their target audience, not specifically to generate a sales lead but simply as an opportunity to expose their brand.

Aim for traits-based keywords – Branding can also be about accentuating your brand’s unique traits. You can focus on keywords that highlight your key selling points together with your ad copy to create some serious branding. This strategy is immensely powerful for manufacturers and it is totally underutilized.

Optimize video – If you have powerful video ads that show your brand messaging, you need to optimize them for organic search results listings. Use YouTube sponsored search for your video promotions. Also, you can use pay-per-click platforms on social media like Facebook to promote these videos.

Keep in mind that the objective of your branding campaign is not to generate a sale today but to build awareness of a particular trait fulfilled by your brand. This in turn drives customer loyalty in the long run.

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