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RSS Feed Link Marketing Strategies

Online marketing gurus advise that it’s unwise to select the first site you stumble upon that offers RSS feed link creation.

The most crucial thing is to first know how the content will be displayed so that you get a glimpse of what your readers will be seeing.

You will then be in position to establish whether that particular feed is the most suited for advertising your products.

In RSS feed link marketing, your objective is to give your readers rich, informative content just like with article marketing. It is rare for a reader to become a customer or an online sales lead without first engaging them through your content. If you want your readers to view you as an expert in your niche, engage them regularly.

Thus, ensure that you’re well conversant with the topics you choose to write about so that readers will be compelled to subscribe to your feed. Once your readers find that your content may offer solutions to the challenges they face, they will subscribe to your RSS feed link and you will be increasing your online sales leads.

How to Utilize RSS Feeds for Online Marketing

Online marketing through RSS feeds is mainly done with article promotion. You need to have an RSS feed of some author to be able to use it for promotion purposes.


RSS Submissions

Authors are encouraged to post their article feed to RSS submission sites so that their articles get deep links, resulting into more traffic; the same goes for bloggers.

If you do not wish to use a submission service an prefer to do this manually, you’re better off starting with the leading RSS submission sites , which you can locate through the LinkBuilder’s Toolkit sorted by Alexa or PageRank.

There are also other RSS submission sites you can look out for if you feel you’ve hit the top and want to go for more.


Are you curious how many subscribers you get for your articles on various networks? You can use a custom Feedburner URL for your posts an articles and you’ll be able to see the statistics for the number of subscribers you get. You’ll also be able to enable email subscriptions just as with blogs.

You can place a link to your RSS feed such that a reader can instantly subscribe to your articles once they like it. This, however, is only possible if you’re not already using up all the links you’re permitted to use in your author’s box or at the bottom of your articles.

Using CommentLuv for blog commenting

Bloggers can use CommentLuv to allow readers or comments place a link on their latest blogs or on their websites. Article directories offering RSS feeds can utilize this same system. All you have to do is register your RSS feed for authors with CommentLuv.

Syndicate on Social Media

Some social network sites or applications allow authors to add their RSS feed for their articles, which enables you syndicate an RSS feed to your profile on that social network. Examples include Friendfeed, Twitterfeed, and HotSuite, among others.

You can utilize these and more methods in your RSS feed link marketing strategies to increase visibility and web presence, and therefore boost your sales leads.

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