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RSS Feed Submissions For Better SEO

If you want to make sure that your website is seen by as many people as possible then you probably should not just focus on what you can do with the site itself but look out at other aspects as well.

RSS feed submissions, for example, are one of the many free service inclusions that websites and blogs come in.

Unfortunately, not many website owners see it as beneficial in their own search engine optimization strategies and are thus often ignored.

Going further than setting up RSS feeds on the website can actually provide a few SEO benefits which could also contribute to your site grabbing the top 10 ranking in search engine results.

1) Drive Free Website Traffic.

Because RSS feed submissions does not cost anything to set up, you can technically get more traffic into your website without any additional charges. These feeds can actually attract more people, especially those who just lurk around the Internet in search for new updates. Instead of paying for expensive banner and text ads, you are able to save money by using RSS feeds to share your content on the web.

2) Show and Remind Visitors and Readers.

While you may have already started building a large following but it does not necessarily mean that all the people in your list actually visit your website regularly. Many of them could just be visiting your site from time to time and others would only remember going to your website if the idea pops into their head.

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Being the owner, you have to make sure that you do your part in reminding your visitors and readers about your website and the best way to do this is to get them subscribed to your RSS feeds. It does not provide too much of a hassle on their part as they would be able to view a snippet of your new post then they can visit your site if they find the topic interesting.

3) Reach Out to More People.

There are, of course, many other ways in which you could get your visitors to check out your website. However, using RSS feed submissions has proven to be a much effective way compared to using article directory submission, for example, as you are able to get to a wider audience.

RSS feeds are content-driven thus if they are reading something similar to your topic then there is a bigger chance of your new post being shown next to what they are reading thus increasing the possibility of your website being viewed.

4) Less Effort, Better Results.

Article directory submission most often requires one’s writing prowess in order for to create content. RSS feeds would still need that, of course, as it gets content from your website posts. However, submitting to article directories would also mean having to create a few similar articles that would often be time-consuming and tiring.

Compare that to simply typing a single article that you would post on your website and letting the RSS feeds automatically extract it and then posting it to sites that aggregate submissions from RSS feeds. It definitely gives better results for the lesser amount of effort.

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