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So, What is SENuke all about? Here's our review of the latest SENuke X software:

You might have wondered how some small businesses manage to get their pages ranked highly on search engines for competitive keywords. How is it really that they have all the time and resources to create highly optimized pages and build quality backlinks and compete favourably with large, well established businesses?

There are basically three options you can choose from when it comes to backlinking: outsourcing the tasks to an expert SEO professional, contract a team of assistant to help you accomplish the work, or complete the tasks yourself. You realize that you would need to spend a fair amount on the first two options, and the third option would need you to invest a lot of time, which you may not have, unless you make use of SEO automation software.

SENuke automation software is a tool that can accomplish all the work of virtual assistants and SEO experts on auto pilot.

You will have email accounts, social bookmarking accounts, and accounts on article directories created by the software without the need for you to log into any of those websites. Better yet, you’ll also have the pages indexed such that search engines can easily find the links.

SENuke-X is the latest version of the original SENuke product, and it features even more powerful tools than the original product.

The software is a simple desktop application and it’s easy to install. There are many training videos showing how campaigns are set up, so it doesn’t really matter whether you’re a novice or not.

What exactly will SENuke accomplish?

• It will fully automate all your SEO tasks, so you can think of saving more time to focus on other areas of your business.

• Build tons of unique content in an easy and fast way, regardless of whether you’re a copywriter or not.

• Carry out market research – not to mention the easiest keyword research module to understand.

• Automatically create new profiles on over 500 websites using the Web 2.0 profile manager feature.

• You’ll get all your websites socially bookmarked in an automated process.

• Automatically sort, organize, manage and ping all URLs you’re building.

The beauty here is that you get the chance to try out all these features for free during a 7-day free trial. What this means is that you’ll be able to evaluate the features risk free and if you’re not satisfied with your search ranking, you don’t have to pay.

Bonuses offered by the SENuke team

On your purchase of SENuke, you get a range of bonuses, notably:

• Live one on one training: through special partner websites, you’ll get live one on one training on how to set up the software from the get go up to launching campaigns and more.

• Single-page keyword research guide: rather than give you a 200-page guide, you’ll get all you need on a single page. It couldn’t get more convenient.

• SENuke, WordPress, Google Analytics, and Market Samurai Blueprint: if you love any of these tools, you’ll get a free guide on how to build sites using all of the tools.

SENuke is definitely one tool you must have in your SEO tools collection, and according to the creators, there’s only a limited number of copies of this software eve going to be sold.


My Exclusive SEnuke Bonuses

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1) 3 All *NEW* Instant Niche Turnkey Businesses - Retail Value $597

2) Collection of 12 *HOT* PLR Products - Retail Value $564

3) Internet Marketing Secrets Webminars with Resale Rights - Retail Value $297

4) 110,000+ MEGA Article Pack - Retail Value $497

5) Ewen Chia's No Sale System - Retail Value $47

6) Chat Box Pop Software - Retail Value $47

7) Traffic Generation Club Membership - Retail Price $27

8) Success Club Membership - Retail Price $27

9) eMarketers Club Membership - Retail Price $27

10) Affiliate Profits Club Membership - Retail Price $27

11) Plus Additional Mystery Bonuses......

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SEnuke Bonus

SEnuke Bonus #1: 3 Instant Niche Turnkey Websites

Value: $697

Be the Proud Owner of 3 All *NEW* Money Making Turnkey Business Niches!!

"These Websites Made Me a Combined of $2000/mth And Presently, They Still Are....!"


Instant Niche Sites 1 Instant Niche Sites 2 Instant Niche Sites 3


  • Professionally researched and high quality written e-product. 
  • Each product contains approximately 100-pages of no-fluff content in the niche. 
  • You would normally have to pay people at least $1000 per website to get each of these products created. 
  • Ready made salesletter and website! 
  • Add, edit and delete anything to the website to suit your own needs! 
  • Full private label resale rights given! 
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SEnuke Bonus #2: "Collection of 12 *HOT* PLR Products"

Value: $564

Perfect For Articles, Auto-Responders, Newsletters, Affiliate Resources, Mini-Reports And Much More!..

"Own Private Label License Rights to *NEW* Quality Content"

12 Resell Package 


For your convenience, I've included more information
about each PLR product given below...


PLR Product Target Market/Demand Short Description
Concrete Confidence In highly profitable industries, you can almost bet your bottom that there will be masses of highly competitive entrepreneurs. Learn how to beat them with sheer confidence! This book is designed to equip you with one of the most important skills in life - the ability to act in spite of fear... for that is the essence of confidence. Once you have achieved mastery of self, you will be able to do whatever it takes to succeed in any industry.
Health And Magnetism Anyone who desires to break out of the rat race and live a life filled with time and financial freedom!. Today, people are working more and more for less and less. The best way to live your life is to live it free and without the stress of time pressure and financial constraints. This book will show you how to live free of these constraints and attract a healthy life of financial freedom!
Prosperous Living Anyone who wishes to discover more about themselves and get rich in the process! are spiritual beings experiencing a physical experience - not the other way around. Once you are in tune with your inner being, making money shouldn't be a problem at all. This book will teach you everything a true human being should know about abundant, prosperous living!
Kult Kingdom Tactics Internet Marketers who wish to build a list of subscribers who will buy anything they sell! This book contains secrets on how you can build your own army of loyal subscribers by keeping them happy. They will wait all day for you to email them and they will be more than happy to buy whatever you offer because of your 'cult' leader status!
Network Marketing Survival Any network marketer or home business builder who desires to build a large business on the Internet or in the offline world! Network marketing is getting more and more competitive as the days go by. The Internet has changed the way downlines are being built and teams come and go in the blink of an eye. This book is the latest in network marketing survival - the series that has changed the way network marketing is done.
Passion Driven Prosperity People who are truly passionate about what they are doing! Oprah, Tiger Woods, Donald Trump and Bill Gates are all people who live passionately doing what they like! It's time that you learn the art of turning your passion into something that you can use to truly make money!
Home Business Models Entrepreneurs who wish to build a solid income from the comfort of their own homes. Home businesses are the new 'IN' thing when it comes to being an entrepreneur. It entices people with their low startup costs and making money in their pajamas lifestyle. You will learn 3 of the best home business models available
Instant Cash Strategies Anyone who wishes to make fast cash. Even works for people who hate Internet marketing. With the many different established markets out there, money will always be there for the taking. The question is whether it will go into your pocket or not. In this book, you will learn the simple art of making quick cash even if you are brand spanking new in Internet marketing!
Outsource Anything Entrepreneurs who are short of time or are looking for the best ways to leverage on other people. Gone are the days of the 'one-man show'. If you really want to get things done, you must leverage on a team of people. This book will teach you how to find all the best people to build your business and your profits for you!
Traffic Tidal Wave Active Internet Marketers and Online Business builders who are looking for ways to get more traffic to their websites! Discover 3 unique methods to drive constant traffic to your website and create a huge tidal wave of subscribers and customers within a very short period of time! Perfect for the busy Internet entrepreneur!
Unleash The Financial Giant Within The target market is a no-brainer... anyone who wishes to strike gold and make big money! cash-raking strategies are everywhere! But why is it some people get rich easily and others struggle for years? It is because of the way your financial blueprint is wired. This book will show you how!
The Unstoppable Internet Entrepreneur Mindset Internet marketers who wish to build a long term business that stands the test of time. Internet Marketers are more than just fly by night individuals. Gone are the days of making that quick buck and running from one location to another under a 'pet' name. It's time to learn the art of building a long term business the right way!

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SEnuke Bonus #3: Resale Rights to Internet Marketing Secrets Webinars

Value: $297

Never Before Released Webinars on Internet Marketing Secrets

"Gain FULL Resale Rights to Sell For Cash or Giveaway For List Building"

Webminar Bonus

Webminar Bonus

Webminar Bonus 3

Webminar Bonus 4

Webminar Bonus 5

Webminar Bonus 6

You get this exclusive $297 product FREE if you order SE nuke Today! 

SEnuke Bonus #4: "110,000+ MEGA Article Pack"

Value: $497

Don't Have Time to Write Your Own Articles? Simply Use Our Pre-Written Articles For ANY Niche!

"Post Your Articles to SEnuke Instantly"

SEOLinkVine Review

  • Contains over 110,000 articles that can be spun immediately with some simple tweaks. 
  • You would normally have to pay people around $5 per article during outsourcing. 
  • Ready written articles in almost any imaginable niches! 
  • Even at a price of $0.02 per article, this package would cost you thousands of dollars. 
  • Add, edit and delete anything in the articles to suit your article posting in SEnuke. 

You get this exclusive $497 product FREE if you order SE nuke Today! 

SEnuke Bonus #5: "No Sales System"

Value: $47

"Revolutionary Breakthrough System Reveals Million Dollar Loophole to Earn Money Without Selling Anything!!"

"Make Hundreds Up to Thousand of Dollars Without Selling a Single Thing!"

No Sales System

  • How to get up to 40% of your visitors to make you cash, without selling them on anything. 
  • The #1 and #2 websites that will pay you cash without you selling anything (nothing to do at all with Adsense or pay-per-lead programs). 
  • How to effectively leverage P2P networks to make more money. 
  • The ‘secret’ method to learn exactly what people want, and how to give it to them every single time! 
  • How to combine web 2.0 and pop-ups to literally explode your income without selling anything. 
  • How to create one easy link and grab lightning fast cash and etc... 

You get this exclusive $47 product FREE if you order SE nuke Today! 

SEnuke Bonus #6: "Chat Box Pop Software"

Value: $47

"Easily Increase Website Traffic Sales With Copy And Paste Code!!"

"Converts All Your Traffic Into Sales!"

Chat Box Pro

You get this exclusive $47 product FREE if you order SE nuke Today! 

SEnuke Bonus #7 : "Traffic Generation Club"

Value: $27

Traffic Generation

Learn How to Quickly Attract A Steady Stream of Paying Customers

  • You'll discover the secret of choosing the highest-converting keywords in your niche. You can use this tip to absolutely dominate both pay per click marketing and the organic search engine results! 
  • You'll find out the truth about harnessing the power of social media marketing! (Hint: Most marketers use it for the wrong reasons and then wonder why they get such dismal results!) 
  • You'll find out which social media sites get lots of love from Google - now you can rank high for the long tail keyword of your choice! 
  • Revealed: Your customers aren't just looking for a product or service. What they actually want is ! (See inside for the surprising answer!) 

You get this exclusive $27 membership FREE if you order SE nuke Today!

SEnuke Bonus #8: "Success Upgrade Club Membership"

Value: $27


You're About to Discover the TRUTH About Success and Wealth!

  • You'll discover once and for all if you've actually got what it takes to get rich! 
  • Will working for yourself be a dream come true or your worst nightmare? 
  • Want to make some fast cash? You'll discover what that desire says about you! 
  • Discover the difference between needing guidance and wanting your hand held. 
  • Find out what state of mind will empower you and pave a fast path to success! 
  • You'll discover one of the biggest stumbling blocks that stop aspiring entrepreneurs

You get this exclusive $27 membership FREE if you order SE nuke Today! 

SEnuke Bonus #9: "eMarketers Club Membership"

Value: $27


How to build a list of rabid, hungry buyers who snap up everything you're selling!

  • Revealed: The three essential factors you need to start building a responsive list! 
  • The surprising reason why you should use a 3rd-party autoresponder! 
  • New to email marketing? You'll get five steps to setting up your autoresponder! 
  • What's the magic number of messages you should send to Pull Down Biggest Profits? 
  • You'll discover the startlingly simple way to create an email list everyone wants to join!
  • And so much more…………

You get this exclusive $27 membership FREE if you order SE nuke Today!


SEnuke Bonus #10: "Affiliate Profits Club Membership"

Value: $27

Affiliate Profits Club

The secrets of making money with affiliate marketing!

  • Discover the simple four-step plan that for fast track to affiliate marketing success! 
  • Discover the #1 beginner mistake - and how to avoid it so you can make money faster! 
  • Learn two proven ways to find a niche full of people desperate to give you their money! 
  • Warning! See inside to discover three ways to avoid getting ripped off! 
  • Can you trust the product owner to pay you? Find out by reading the free report! 
  • And so much more………

You get this exclusive $27 membership FREE if you order SE nuke Today!


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