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seo pressor reviewThere’s always a lot of hype around internet marketing tools and SEOPressor is not different. But does it really deliver on its promise?

We’ll go over what SEOPressor is and what it does and then an evaluation of its merit.

What is SEOPressor?

Precisely, SEOPressor is a search engine optimization automation tool. In the world of internet marketing, there are two key factors: quality and quantity.

The two are not mutually exclusive. Quality is what gives you quantity. Basically, if you have something to offer and it is of high quality, then you can expect to draw as much traffic as you please. The catch is that this is a continuous process; you need to keep providing quality and using human labor is not only impractical but costly too, hence the need for automation.

The SEOPressor features

The core feature of SEOPressor is the Scoreboard, which will appear as a widget in your ‘Add New Post’ page in WordPress. Once you start a new post, the scoreboard will display the percentage score and the keyword you’re trying to optimize. Before you specify a keyword to optimize, the score will be 0%.

The score panel will change once you supply a keyword to target. When your score is above 50%, it is displayed in green (good) and when it is below 50%, it is displayed in red, which usually means your keyword density is high and you may need to thin your content a bit.

Besides this, SEOPressor has an impressive checklist of different items that it has either endorsed as fine or it has flagged, indicating that they need to be addressed.

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Is there any magic in SEOPressor?

To be honest, there isn’t any bit of magic about the SEOPressor plugin for WordPress; the real power lies in the fact that it gives you a powerful visual tool to see how well you’re fairing with the SEO principles. We all love scores, figures and statistics, more so if they are ‘real-time’, changing to small alterations in front of your very own eyes.

Isn’t it just cool to be able to go back and change a subtitle to a H3 and then instantly see a 5% jump in your SEO score? These changes seem pretty simple but it is the simple changes that make the real noticeable impact.

On top of forcing the user to make alterations, SEOPressor makes its own subtle changes – like underlining your keywords (one of them), bolding and italicizing. Obviously, these are small changes but they can make all the difference.

The merits of SEOPressor

Truthfully speaking, SEOPressor makes life much easier and it surely does provide some sustainable value.

You will definitely be able to optimize some of your pages with the first two weeks of using SEOPressor and, you should have at least a first page break through within this time. These are minor, less competitive terms here but nevertheless, it represents some degree of progress. Best of all, it requires just a few minutes of SEOPressor.

Some not-so-good points

SEOPressor is a truly powerful tool for appraising page content, however, that’s just about all it does. The plugin does not affect Meta keyword tags, Meta description and the title, which are all still important for SEO.

In all, SEOPressor is nonetheless one of the top premium WordPress plugins that is highly recommended for improving search engine rankings.

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2. List of CPA Networks

Just as the title states, you will be shown several CPA Networks in this video.  While there are hundreds of CPA networks out there, I will show you just a handful of the top ones

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4. Once you are in, then what?  CPA Types

In this video, you will learn the different types of CPA offers from ones that have higher conversions to ones that are less converting, but may be more profitable.

5. Keyword Research

That brings us to Keyword Research.  Testing your market before you get into it is important.  So in this video you will learn several methods of testing.

6. Create Landing pages that promote CPA offers

Now that you have done your Keyword Research, it's time to setup your landing pages.

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