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SEO Strategies For Beginners

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) involves methods of optimization a website for search engines in an attempt to get higher placement in search results returned when a related keyword or key phrases are typed in the search query box.

There are hundreds of search engine optimization services out there but you need to know the basic things to consider when selecting one.

Why SEO?

Numerous studies have shown that a higher placement in search engine results offers better return on investment compared to the classic methods of advertising, such as snail mail, television and radio commercials. Search engine optimization is the most important way through which you can achieve top ten ranking.

There are two types of listings that search engines have: paid listings and organic listings. In this discussion about SEO strategies, we’ll mainly focus on organic search engine listings.

Organic listings are those that are displayed further down the page in the middle. SEO services focus on methods that enable a website to be displayed in the organic listings space.

Most of the leading search engines use special programs known as ‘crawlers’ to score websites all over the World Wide Web. Pages are scored based on their relevance. There are multiple variables that crawlers use to determine a website’s score, for instance the HTML code, keyword density and frequency, link popularity, site themes, among others.

In order to develop a robust SEO strategy, you need to meticulously work on key variables that search engines consider as very important. The two most crucial factors are:

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1. Link popularity

Web crawlers or spiders traverse various websites through the links connecting a website’s pages to another website’s pages. Search engine crawlers or spiders will score your website highly if there are many pages linking to it. Basically, the more incoming links to your website, the more relevant your website is deemed.

Therefore, if many important websites link to you, it means you have important content and so your strategy should include ways of getting important websites to link to yours. You can achieve this through link building, exchanging links with business associates, submitting to directories, etc.

2. Page content

Spiders or crawlers used by search engines can only traverse websites through text. These programs use the content contained in your website to determine how relevant your content is with regard to particular keyword phrases that users type into the search engine.

This explains why it is important to do keyword research when you’re creating your content. This is an important factor in your SEO strategy and should be one of the first ones to consider.

During your online keyword research, you will also have to find out what kind of competition you’re faced with, and the number of people typing in your keyword phrases in their online search. Once you get your keyword research right, you will be able to get your website naturally placed among the top-most results in search engines.

In conclusion, you should focus on the variables of organic search engine ranking for business sustainability. However, if you want immediate results, you can first try paid listings, for instance using MSN’s Paid Per Click program.

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