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Strategies to Choosing an Effective Domain Name

If you’re thinking about running a business, you’re going to need your own domain name. The following are tips and advice to help you get off on good ground when choosing a domain name for your business.

A few years back, having your own domain name made your business look more legitimate and added a level of professionalism.

It made you appear like a real business person and obviously made a good first impression. Nowadays, no one even notices you have a domain name – unless you lack one.

Doesn’t it surprise you when you’re at a networking event and someone hands you their business card with an email address ending in ‘’. This individual might be a very important person; a teacher; a leader; they might be an influential business man, a philanthropist and he might be owning several properties in all places. However, all this doesn’t matter because the first you’ll get is ‘amateur’.

If you want to make a decent first impression and appear like a serious business person, you need to have a website and an email that matches it. Those are the bare essentials.

Guidelines for choosing a domain name:

1. Use Keywords – Start with the keywords that best describe your business. These are the words that people will most probably use when searching for business related to yours. If the keywords you want have been taken, try to tweak the words around.

For instance, if ‘’ is not available, try ‘’, ‘’, and the like. Your domain name will be more descriptive when you use your list of keywords. It is extremely important for your business if people can take one look at your domain and know exactly what your business is all about.

Additionally, keywords in your domain will make it easier for search engines to find your site and increases your relevance as per the keywords, so it’s good for your ranking. You can use free keyword tools to find out how many searches your keywords get per month.

2. Keep it Short and Simple – You will also want to keep your domain name as short as can be. If your domain name is short, it will be easier to memorize, type into a browser and pass on to other people. However, domain names are increasingly getting longer as most of the shorter names have been used.

Longer names have their benefits too. They are descriptive, which makes them good for search engines and online marketing – you’ll click on any web address in an advert regardless of how long it is.

3. .COM – Whenever you can, get a .com address. You can register any other type, like .net, .biz or .net if the .com is not available, but it is always easier for people to type in an address and end with .com, either out of habit or accidentally.

4. Register Multiple Names – Also, if possible, register as many names as you can. If you find a name that appeals to your business, get a hold of it. Domain names are usually cheap but if someone gets it first, it becomes expensive.


The ideal domain name is one the is short but descriptive enough, and ends in .com. take your time to get the most effective domain for your business.

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