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Taking Care Of PR Before You Buy Backlinks

If you’re a new business owner, the only way to increase your site’s page rank is by buying pagerank (PR) backlinks.

However, majority of people who purchase pagerank backlinks do not take into account many other aspects that ensure they get their money’s worth when it comes to attracting visitors to their website.

The major reason for purchasing high backlinks is to boost pagerank. Without a reasonably high pagerank, you cannot expect meaningful traffic.

But before buying pagerank, you need to do thorough research about what you’re going to spend money on. It’s one of those things that people often overlook yet it can make a huge difference.

You don’t want to buy backlinks that incorporate a SEO package of limited diversity. You will also want to know the type of links that hold the most weight in search engines at the time you’re buying the links.

Here are some of the pagerank things to consider before buying backlinks.

I.P Diversity

Your links must have a healthy diversity of I.Ps, which is basically the physical address that identifies the origin of an incoming link. It’s okay to have many backlinks from your locality but ensure that your final link structure is a global collection of backlinks.

Your website is going to be much more powerful if you have votes originating from all over the world. Do all you can to get a variety of worldwide I.Ps so that your built links have a solid structure. If you’re going to build a firm link foundation, this is something you want to seriously consider.

Therefore, the number one rule for buying your backlinks is to select a geographically diverse I.P backlink structure from a trusted source.

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Type and Category of link

If you’ve got some solid SEO on your website yet it has taken a dive, it’s highly likely that your backlink category portfolio is not good. Again, this is all about getting a good varied set of ‘links’. If you want to set yourself up for a major ban, build 40 thousand on way links all from Facebook. That would be very unfortunate because the search engines would see that as an attempt to manipulate them.

Therefore when you’re link building, your methods should be natural and you will want to follow guidelines for the various search engines especially Google. Get a variety of link categories with backlinks that have good high level domain pagerank. If there’s any shift in Google’s algorithm, you’ll be safe. Examples of link categories are given below. Note that these are not this is not about link ‘types’ here, but rather link categories and how they are going to be viewed by search engines.

• RSS links

• RSS blended links

• Contextual homepage links

• Micro blog links

• Press release links

• WordPress theme links, and many more.

And finally, what you need to know before you buy backlinks is that there are dozens of services out there that charge a fortune for a lot of spam links. With spam links, there are two possibilities: get a high rank in search engines and drop after a month or get your website banned.

Therefore, when it comes to backlinks, do your research and buy smart.




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