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The Link-Building Themes That May KILL Your Site’s Search Engine Ranking

For a long time now, strategies for link building have mainly involved reciprocal link swaps, for majority of people at least.

While many of them understand that links are very crucial, they generally have no idea why this is so. Simply put, a link to your website was typically equated to a vote for it by search engines.

A link originating from a website with a theme closely related to yours weighs more than one from a site that’s not associated with yours at all, in terms of theme.

When a site that is viewed as ‘important’ links to yours, it carries more weight too, for instance a link from the Yahoo Directory is worth more than 10 from obscure sites.

However, search engines have significantly changed the rules. Webmasters used to do everything to build links, whether through legitimate ways or purely underhand tactics. And obviously, many succeeded at subverting search engine rankings, gaining an unfair placement at the expense of other websites.

There were mutterings in the SEO world about these practices and leading search engines warned of severe penalties for sites that linked to dubious places. As such, Google and company tightened the screws to check dodgy link building schemes that were unfairly promoting shrewd websites. Below are a couple of notable link building schemes that can land you in hot soup:

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Bad Links – Yes, some links are simply bad. For instance, if your car dealership website has hundreds of totally irrelevant links to hotels scattered all over the world – Munich, Prague, Johannesburg, Shanghai and many more – it is going to work against you.

Then there are also the ‘free for all’ link sites, three way link schemes and web rings, all of which spell suicide for your website. Reason is because there’s never been a more blatant way to cheat the system than these methods.

Reciprocal Links – There is still some bit of value in reciprocal links, so long as the link titles are explicit, and the page from which they originate has a higher Page Rank than that from which you link to them.

The idea that every link to you is a vote has a flip side when it comes to reciprocal links because a link from you to another site deducts a vote as well, so the net value of your total vote count stays the same. Therefore, a reciprocal link is a waste of effort when compared to a one-way incoming backlink.

One-way outward links – These are essentially toxic. Let’s assume you deal with provision of health services and you constantly work with nurses, doctors, hospitals and clinics. So, in a bid to impress your visitors, you put direct links to these people’s sites on your links page.

The sad thing is that this is not such a clever thing after all. You’ll be sucking Page Rank dry with nothing in return. If you’re smart enough, you can do it but most probably, you have nothing to gain in return when you link to a website that doesn’t link to you in return. Ensure that your links have the ‘nofollow’ attribute so that search engines know your link isn’t a vote for the site you’re linking to.

These are basically the link building themes that can kill your search engine ranking. Keep them in mind when building your backlinks.

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