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Tips to Writing Better Salesletters for Good Conversion Rates

The purpose of a sales letter is to attract the attention of potential clients and convince them to buy a service or product. It is basically intended to sell a service or product, nothing more.

Regardless of whether your business is a brick and motor setting or an online enterprise, you will need some sort of sales letter copywriting periodically. The starting point of any successful sale is to make a good first impression, which in case of a business is a sales letter.

In this article, we’ll look at a few ways of improving sales letter copywriting that will get your sales revving through the roof, even if you’re not a great writer.

• Use headlines or pictures in the letter: While your letter will not appear businesslike with headlines or pictures, they can be of great benefit, especially for direct consumer mail. Besides livening up the letter, headlines are eye-catching and they easily convey the offer and main benefit. Also, the letter’s content will be pushed to the lower half of the page, making it easier to read because it’s short. You’ve already won half the battle if you’ve got someone to start reading your letter.

• Personalize your salutation: Your budget may limit you but whenever you can, greet people by their names. Generic salutations are likely not to get your letters read. If you still cannot personalize due to one reason or another, use something that the reader can easily connect with. If nothing can work in this regard, a classic ‘Dear Friend’ will do.

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• Grab your reader’s attention with your opening sentence: Something short and startling always works, for instance, Dear Henry Paul, I have a free must-see video you ought to see. Would you like to receive it? In just two short sentences, you’ve already grabbed the reader’s attention, and they are more likely to read the rest of the letter.

• Introduce the offer on the first page: If you present your letter later on, you risk losing many potential customers who simply give up on the first page. What you should do is to present the offer right after the headline and then include a reference to the offer in the content on the first page.

• Mind where you put your page breaks: For purposes of curiosity, break a sentence in into two at the bottom of a page, especially for odd-numbered pages. This will force the reader to flip the page and move to the next one, and it is particularly useful if used on page one.

• Be elaborate in the body: After getting their attention, a reader will be so eager to establish the details and specifics of what you’re trying to introduce to them. There’s no systematic way of doing this since letter writing is an art, so the best thing is to try and create a personal connection with the reader, presenting your offer in a one-to-one manner.

• Length of the letter: Basically, a sales letter should be as long as it needs to be; not more and not less. Typical sales letters are four to eight pages long, although information intensive products may need to have longer pages. Always start by writing a long letter, and as you edit, trim it down to an appropriate length.

These few tips should get you to a good start with your sales letter copywriting. There are certainly more tweaks you’ll need to do depending on who you intend to read your sales letter.

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