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Tweet Yourself to Success

Some call it a micro blogging site while others refer to it as an instant messaging platform. Whatever name you prefer to call it, there’s no doubt that Twitter is currently one of the top 3 social networking websites, along with Facebook and LinkedIn, among others.

However, for some time now, Twitter’s potential has always been underestimated because the social networking site was considered by many as the distant one of the three social media giants.

On the contrary, Twitter holds enormous potential for businesses and individuals alike. The secret to unlocking the site’s potential is to learn about all its facets and features and how they can be used for business benefit. The social networking site attracts millions of celebrities and successful business owners for good reason. For sure, this site’s tweet is a lot bigger than most people realize.

To start with, it’s very easy to follow someone on Twitter. It’s also not hard to find people and businesses that you’re interested in so that you keep up to date with whatever is brewing there. Once you select to follow someone, you will be able to see all their updates, and the reverse is also true.

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Imagine the possibilities of being able to post updates to thousands of followers, particularly to people you would not normally be able to connect with. Communicating effectively leads to success and Twitter enables users to communicate as and when they wish. Be it an upcoming new product release or special offer announcement, businesses are always keeping followers in the know.

So, how can you tweet yourself to success? Here are a few tips.

Follow people who fascinate you and are Useful. Individuals or businesses that interest you are also likely to be of benefit to you. Thus, you must take calculated steps to make sure that the people you follow are not a waste of time and effort. Get contacts or information that will take you to the next level, and such things can only be got from people who matter.

Offer valuable information. As you go about finding useful people, ensure that what you post is valuable too, else no one will want to follow you. If you’re going to use Twitter for business prospects and success, you will want to desist from posting about what you ate for lunch and how fun your weekend was.

Maximize available tools on the site. There are a couple of tools on Twitter that make it easier for businesses to get prospects and connect better. For instance, you can use the Facebook for Twitter application to post status updates on the two sites simultaneously, saving valuable time in the process. There are several other tools that will make your promotion strategies much easier so make the most out of them.

Finally, take it in stride. It’s easy to get engulfed in each and every tweet that is posted by people you follow. The truth is you cannot go over every tweet, so prioritize and read only the information that is of value to you and your business.



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