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Web 2.0 Tools for Attracting Higher Web Traffic

For sure, certain website can exist in static fashion without any sort of input and interaction from visitors. These are mainly online stores where a shopper makes a stop to buy an item.

However, with time, things changed and Web 2.0 was invented. You’ve probably heard of this term but haven’t quite made out what it means.

The World Wide Web was a pretty simple phenomenon in its early days. Web pages comprised of nothing more than simple, static HTML based pages without images, video and other effects.

As time went by, new technologies were discovered and websites became dynamic but their management was still entirely the domain of webmasters. This was the initial version of websites, known as Web 1.0. Soon, users demanded for more interaction.

People wanted to be more involved and have more control with what the information they consumed online. They wanted to be able to share their experience with a product or even talk about someone they were not able to meet in ‘real life’.

This demand gave birth to the second version of the web, known as Web 2.0. The Web 2.0 version provides the tools and technology for people to interact and control which information to display, and to which audience.

The whole concept behind a Web 2.0 property is to provide a platform where people can directly interact with each other and discuss a range on topics of interest. This is not something that was feasible with static websites.

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You see, it is man’s instinctual trait to want to be nosy, just to have a say in everything. It is this trait that the Web 2.0 property taps into. Moreover, Web 2.0 tools allow people to interact without the burdens of having to manage the website. This is the most powerful thing about Web 2.0 property.

It is the ability for people to interact with each other that makes Web 2.0 tools very powerful for building and driving traffic to your website. The idea is to spend a few hours every week on a particular forum to build rapport and once you’ve become a trusted member who’s regularly active, other people will always be willing and eager to listen to what you have to say and offer.

Web 2.0 is far reaching and varies a lot in how it is applied. Example of Web 2.0 tools include social media sites, video sharing sites, virtual communities, forums, wikis, blogs, mashups, hosted services, and a host of other services.

All these tools allow the end user to not only use the application but to also be a full participant by blogging, tagging, podcasting, social bookmarking and connecting with or following friends.

As such, the potential for building traffic from these Web 2.0 tools is immense. Unfortunately, it can take a considerable amount of time engaging in those forums, which gave rise to a host of tools that make that process easier, mainly through automation.

You can create a whole Web 2.0 empire that is very successful if you source for the right tools. Just identify what you want and source for the best tools to make you realize your goals.

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