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Website Designing - Content Rich Website is Not Enough

Is a content rich website enough to make a good website design? Frankly speaking, it’s not. Designing a website is an art.

There are many aspects that need to be put into considerations, particularly the color combinations.

And while there are various DIY tutorials for those who like to do things themselves, it is better to hire a professional website designer to do the work for you.

Professional web designers usually have at least the basic skills in creating, designing, innovating and implementing the latest methods in web design. So, a complete web design to consider should have good grasp of the latest design principles as well as search engine optimization skills.

Before you get to the design part, you need to identify the type of website you want to build. There are quite a number of websites you can build: personal website, photo sharing website, blog website, mobile device websites, online catalog site, e-commerce website, and an informational website.

Apart from personal and photo sharing sites, all other website types are used by small businesses, which means that some kind of promotion is essential to make the website known. This starts with the site’s design and implementation of SEO techniques in the design.

It’s clear to see now why stuffing the website with rich content alone is not enough. Design matters a lot too and it begins right with the HTML code of the website.

Search engines traverse many parts of a website’s pages but they normally start with the HTML code, and particularly the text within the title tags, meta tags, heading tags, alt attributes, link title attributes and the structure of the XML sitemap.

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Why HTML Tags are Important for Design and SEO

The first area of your webpage that search engines look at when establishing what that page is all about are the HTML tags, particularly the title tags. Therefore, think carefully about what you put in your title tags, which preferably should be related to the keywords for your content.

The next area is the meta tag section of your HTML. The content of your description tag in the meat tag section is what is displayed as a link on search engine results pages. The heading tags should be used appropriately when displaying content on the pages, and the XML sitemap structure should be properly implemented to help search engines establish how elements on your website are connected.

All these factors are important considerations during the design phase. Remember, you are designing the website for people, not machines. But it is equally important to do the proper fine tuning so that the machines (search engines) can easily find your website and bring it closer to people.

On the aesthetics side, you should avoid fanciful graphics and flash designs because they increase the loading times for your pages. In addition, search engines do not do really well with full flash websites so you might want to remember that when designing your site.

To sum up, you should aim at having a website with an attractive, SEO optimized design together with rich content. This way, your website will be a darling of search engines and they give you higher placement in search results.

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