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Setting up a website with an interesting layout and design, easy user interface and great functionalities would still be rendered useless if you could not get a good amount of visitors to come up to the site every day.

It is for this reason that a good online marketing strategy must be developed in order to ensure that you could get a sufficient amount of page views every day that you could turn into potential sales and profits.

To do this, you must first be knowledgeable with at least the basic website traffic generation techniques that are being used by the top internet marketers of today. Most of these are actually quite simple to do and just needs focus and perseverance in order to get them done and in order to get the results that you would want to achieve.

1) Find your online niche market.

Defining the actual topic at which your website should be on is very important if you want it to be visible to your target audience. When it comes to finding your niche market, it would be best to get as specific as possible as it would increase your chances of being seen.

General topics such as “dog food” could generate hundreds of thousands of results whereas “Chichuahua dog food in <insert location> area” would give out a hundred or so thus giving you a more targeted audience.

2) Use social networking and forums.

Another place at which you could use your website traffic generation techniques is the social networks, forums and community boards. Are you active at Facebook or Twitter? Do you love making comments on forums?


Make sure that you add a signature on your forums account so that you could always advertise your website URL every time you make a comment. When posting a status update on social networking sites, use catchy phrases and include a link to your website as well.

3) Utilize your writing prowess.

Do you love to blog? You can effectively promote your website using such tools. You might also want to submit your articles on various article directories. When you do so, make sure that you sprinkle your write-ups with a few of the top keywords of your chosen niche. Then, do not forget to add a short write-up about yourself or your online business as well as the link to the website.

4) Get inbound links.

There are many other ways that you can follow when it comes to website traffic generation. Among the things that you will be needing to ensure more visibility are the inbound links or those links from other websites that direct to your website. You can do this by exchanging links with the webmaster; so a link to your website can be posted in their pages.

In return, you will have to place links of their website on your web pages, too. Inbound links could also be generated through website directories. Make sure that you have your website listed in these sites and be sure to include a general but comprehensive description of what your site is all about.

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Website Traffic Generation | Increase Web Traffic:

  1. Pros and Cons of Free vs. Paid Traffic
    With those traffic generation methods in mind, I want to tackle one of the more controversial topics I hear from readers out there - the issue of paid vs. free traffic. It's an issue I hear about almost every day.
  2. PPV Traffic Tips
    PPV traffic is entirely different than what you might be used to. Whereas many other forms of paid traffic revolve around very general or very specific targeting, PPV traffic lets you target specific websites, actions, and users.
  3. Google Content Match Tips - Adwords
    When it comes to Pay per Click Advertising, the vast majority of advertisers will go with the search network. It provides targeted, keyword specific traffic that you can directly control. The quality score is easier to manage and the overall conversion rates tend to be higher.
  4. Quality Score and the Google PPC Slap
    Ah, the dreaded Google Slap. If you've spent more than a few hours using Google AdWords, there is a good chance that you've been hit by this unfortunate backlash from the search giant.
  5. 2 Alternative Sources of Paid Traffic
    First up, know that there are plenty of different ways to advertise. It's not all based on Pay Per Click. There's Pay per Impression - a great way to get tons of people looking at your ads, Pay Per Action, Pay Per View and just standard monthly ad placement.
  6. 7 Ways to Get Repeat Traffic to Your Website
    Traffic is all well and good, but you know what really gets me excited when I login to my Analytics account? The repeat visitors. The more someone comes back to my site, the more valuable I know the content I've offered.
  7. 8 Untapped Traffic Sources
    Nothing is harder to obtain than fresh new traffic from sources you haven't considered in the past. It might seem like your traffic comes from all over the Internet, but stop and really think about where you get your traffic and how unique those sources are.
  8. 4 Hot Traffic Tactics for Product Owners
    Do you own your own content and need a way to get more traffic quickly? You're not alone - there are hundreds of people out there in the same boat and for those people I've compiled a short list of four top traffic generating strategies to boost your immediate traffic with minimal investment.
  9. Secrets to Dominating Article Marketing
    When it comes to generating free, on-going traffic and generating new backlinks to your site, nothing is simpler or more effective than article marketing. It's been around for years and has always been a powerful tool - regardless of the shifts in search technology.
  10. How to Get Videos to Rank High on YouTube
    Even if you're an old pro at SEO and organic search, YouTube can give you fits. I've been down this road myself a few times and the rules are completely different. What works for text does not necessarily work for video.
  11. How to Record, Edit and Upload YouTube Videos
    So, it's time to make your first video and you have no idea where to start. Your last memory of video was the giant VHS recorder your family had when you were a child, or possibly an 8mm. So, the thought of creating, editing and uploading your own video seems a bit daunting.
  12. Driving Traffic to Your Websites Using Videos
    After your website has been optimized, you can place a creative tool to help drive more traffic. What we’re talking about is driving traffic to your website using videos.
  13. How to Use Articles to Drive Targeted Traffic
    A lot of websites are willing to pay high for people who want to write articles about them. Why? The reason for this is that it is one of the best ways to generate traffic to a website.
  14. Top 3 Methods of Driving Traffic to Your Site
    Driving traffic to your site is not easy. If you have an online business, it is essential to know about the different methods to drive traffic to your site. This plays a vital role for the success of your business.
  15. Using Youtube to Increase Web Exposure
    Are you having some troubles on how to get your business established on the internet? Then why don’t you try out something different by using youtube to increase web exposure?
  16. 13 Great PPC Tips
    PPC advertising is one of the toughest, most time consuming marketing strategies to master that you'll ever encounter. It's also one of the most effective, so if you're putting it off or have already written it off, here are some valuable tips to getting in there and making some serious profits.
  17. Methods for Traffic Generation
    You have to first make sure that your website is able to entice a certain number of visitors every day so that there will be a bigger possibility of converting these visits into sales and profits.
  18. Writing Your Resource Box for Success
    A resource box is the place at the bottom of your article where you are permitted by article directories to insert information about you and a link to your website.
  19. Using Google Adwords To Drive Traffic To Your Site
    Every webmaster or SEO professional recognizes the fact that the right keywords hold the key to getting the kind of traffic that will most probably lead to a higher conversion rate.
  20. RSS Feed Link Marketing Strategies
    You have to first make sure that your website is able to entice a certain number of visitors every day so that there will be a bigger possibility of converting these visits into sales and profits.
  21. Forum Marketing Strategies as a Vital Long Term Arsenal of Online Business Promotion
    Truth be told, without incorporating forums in your marketing strategies, you cannot go far with your online business promotion. It makes all the difference between success and failure in today’s online business promotion.
  22. Classified Adverts That Will Get Good Replies And How To Write These
    If you have some products and services you want to sell, one of the best channels to spread word about them is through classified ads. It’s not only products and services that you can promote with classified ads but your website too.
  23. Tips to Get Your Articles Read
    Articles are meant to be read and impart information to the reader. Thus, if an article is not read, it is safe to conclude that it was a waste of effort. For this reason, many people dread writing articles.
  24. Get Targeted Visitors From Search Engines
    If you’re an internet marketer, you probably know that targeted traffic increases your chances of converting your visitors into potential customers who will go ahead and purchase a service or product from your website.
  25. 3 Video Marketing Tips for Your Internet Business
    One of the most effective and affordable ways to market your website is through video marketing. You only need some good video editing software to get started.
  26. Best Places to Create Banner Advertising
    Banner advertising is a popular form of advertising online. You’ve probably seen your fair share of banner ads if you’ve been surfing the internet for some time.
  27. Get Your Articles And Backlinks On Other Websites To Increase Traffic
    If you own a blog, website, or you just write content for different article websites, you are probably always on the lookout for ways to increase the number of readers of your content, which means more traffic.
  28. Google AdWords – How to Write an Effective Ad Copy
    To a beginner, writing highly effective Adwords ad copy may seem easy. The truth is that it’s not. Pay Per Click platforms enforce strict guidelines on the length and body of the ad.
  29. How to Drive Targeted Traffic to Your Website
    There are several ways you could drive traffic to your website. Practically, all internet marketing methods aim at driving traffic to your website, at least as a starting point.
  30. How to Write Press Releases
    When you’re done reading this article, you’ll be writing press releases like a pro - well, maybe not, but for sure you’ll have learned the most important points for writing a press release.

Website Traffic Generation | Increase Web Traffic

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