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Website Traffic Stats Can Help Determine The Effectiveness Of Your Visitors

You’ve create a great website and before long, you start to notice your traffic counter revving upwards at terrific speed. This is really good news, isn’t it?

Well, maybe, maybe not. It’s not only the number of visitors pouring on to your website that counts. You need to look deeper than that.

It’s important to break down the statistics for a number of good reasons. Before you get embroiled in the analytics and create something useful out of that information, you need to know how data is interpreted.

You probably receive some basic information about your web traffic from your hosting company. But if you don’t know how to read and interpret that data, and then apply it to the specific needs of your business, it can seem quite overwhelming and practically useless. The two main stats you’ll notice are web hits and visits.

The visit stats provide the most accurate measure of the kind of activity on your website. Hits simply refer to the number of requests sent to the server. To get a slight idea how the concept of hits can be overrated, think of the fact that a hit can simply be the number of graphics contained on a page.

For instance, if there are 15 graphics on your homepage, it will be recorded as 15 hits by the server, when in fact it’s only a single visitor checking out one particular page on your website. It’s obvious then that hits are not an accurate stat in analyzing your website traffic and therefore not that important.

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So, on the face of it, it would appear like the higher the number of visits, the better your website is doing, so you may assume. On the contrary, this perception is totally wrong. It’s also important to analyze the behavior of your visitors when they’re on your website so as to get an accurate estimation of your success rate.

The goal for analyzing web stats is to find out how good or how poor your visitors find your website. One way to analyze this is to find out the duration visitors spend at your website. If the average time spent by visitors on your site is small, then that points to an underlying issue, in which case the challenge would be finding out what the issue is.

It could be that you targeted the wrong keywords and you’re therefore attracting the wrong visitors. It could also be that your graphics are too much for your visitors, who simply get intimidated and exit. You can use this information of duration spent on your website to pinpoint a particular bothersome issue on your site.

The exit page stat is another important statistic, which simply shows which page your visitors leave the website. If it’s your entry page with the highest number of exit stats, you will know what to do. This stat will basically show you which part of your website isn’t functioning well.

When you’re done analyzing visitor statistics, you can then focus on keywords and key phrases. Find out if certain keywords are drawing a huge number of visitors, or are in fact redirecting them away.

Most importantly, if you discover that visitors type in your company name to find your website, then you have all reason to smile. It means that your brand’s level of recognition is high and this represents flourishing success.

As you can notice, taking a closer look at your website statistics can help you revamp your website from average to visitor friendly. And when visitors are happy, you’ll make more sales.

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