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What Are The Advantages Of Article Rewriting?

In the world of article marketing, article rewriting is immensely popular. Often times, internet marketers will edit articles, change or spin the content in an article in order to produce unique copies of an article.

Many argue that this is totally useless because it is merely recycling the same information and not really adding any value in form of new, fresh information.

There’s also the argument that if you spin your article to a low level of uniqueness, the search engines will ignore your content’s variations, which again is a waste of time.

In the following article, we’ll see why article spinning and rewriting are not always a waste of time and the benefits that can be reaped.

Here’s a clarification for those who are not sure of what the difference between article spinning and rewriting is. The truth is that there is no real difference between spinning and rewriting an article.

Rewriting an article entails a variety of methods of interchanging subterms of a formula with different terms. Thus, rewriting an article means that you interchange words, sentences and paragraphs, or create new content with the same meaning as the original content or slightly different.

When it comes to spinning, the word originally referred to a form of ancient textile art where yarn was created from twisted fibres. In that regard, spinning an article means twisting words to create another article.

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Now here are three benefits of spinning or rewriting articles.

One of the biggest benefits of rewriting articles is that it creates offshoot works of your original content. If you considerably rewrite an article, it helps you pass a somewhat different message to a different audience, which means you’ll be drawing more readers to your website.

Communicating with people is an art and you just can’t pull it off attracting everyone and then win their trust with one article. While one individual will understand something in a certain way, another one will understand it in a different way.

So, unique variations of the same article will surely attract more people so long as quality remains top notch. Change sentences, words and ways to put your message across to a bigger audience. This is the main reason why article marketers create offshoot versions of their content.

The second benefit of article spinning and rewriting is that if you rewrite or spin content to a very high uniqueness level, you will find it easier to submit articles in article directories that only publish unique content, meaning that your content has not been used anywhere else before.

Additionally, every rewritten article will be seen by search engines as unique and the backlinks in the resource box of such an article will be considered valid, which helps to improve your website’s placement in search ranking on results pages.

Therefore, it’s clear to see that rewriting and spinning articles is not a waste of time if done the right way. It’s not a matter of switching a few words here and there with different words because even a 20 -30 percent uniqueness level doesn’t go past any directory or search engine.

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