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What Is Email Marketing?

Like the name implies, email marketing is the use of email in marketing campaigns.

What kind of email?

Broadly speaking, email marketing covers every email that is sent to a potential customer, a customer, or a public setting. In general, email marketing refers to:

• Sending direct persuasive email aimed at acquiring new customers or convince existing ones to buy once again.

• Sending email messages that aim at building customer loyalty and foster the relationship with the customer.

• Incorporating your marketing messages into emails send from elsewhere.

The above three forms of email marketing can be thought of as the electronic equivalent to:

• Direct mail

• A print newsletter sent to people

• Placing adverts into newspapers and subscription magazines

However, there’s a very crucial difference and that’s the issue of permission. There are numerous reasons why email marketing is immensely popular. Here are a few:

• Email is far cheaper than most other forms of communication.

• Email lets you deliver your message directly to the people you intend it for, unlike a website for instance, where people have to visit your website to see the message.

• For those who execute email marketing the right way, it has proved to be immensely successful.

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A brief review of the three types of email marketing:

Direct mail – This is where a direct promotional message is sent in email form, for instance an announcement of a coming sales promotion or special offer. You can gather a list of prospect email addresses just the same way you would have a list of potential customers’ postal addresses to send out your promotions to.

If you don’t have the time to build your own list of email addresses, you can rent one from a service company. There are lots of benefits when you use a service company, for instance, they can allow you to target your messages based on the interests of a particular group, or on their location.

Retention email – This type of email is mostly used to retain existing customers, rather than just persuading the recipient to take some action like signing up or buying a product.

These are usually in the form of regular emails referred to as newsletters. The main objective of a newsletter is to build a long-term relationship with the readers, who are the customers.

A newsletter therefore should contain more than just sales messages but include informative and valuable information. It should be beneficial to readers in some way.

Advertising in emails from other people – Rather than crafting your own newsletter, you can pay other people to include your adverts in their newsletters that they send to their email subscribers. In fact, many newsletters are solely created for this kind of business – selling advertising space.

What’s the catch?

Well, all this sounds good so far. Indeed, it is far cheaper to send one message to thousands of email addresses than sending through postal mail.

Unfortunately, it isn’t that simple. You have to contend with the difficulties of creating and delivering the messages in the first place, not to mention delivering to the right people. There’s the issue of getting them to actually read the emails and then respond, and obtaining permission to send emails in the first place.

This brief overview of email marketing should be enough to give you a better understanding of what email marketing is. There’s a lot more but all builds on these basics. For more email marketing tips and secrets to getting high open rates in email marketing, check out the rest of our website.

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