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Which Are The Best Autoresponder Services and Why

If you’re running any type of business, particularly online business, you need to build a solid relationship with your customers.

One of the best ways to achieve this is through an email list. It gives you an opportunity to directly interact with your customers on a one-on-one basis and you also get to build a personal connection with them.

However, while you can invest your time and achieve this, using an autoresponder makes more economic sense.

An autoresponder is an automated application that helps you receive email messages, help you to get your customers do a double opt-in (where they receive an email request from you and they have to click to allow you send them messages), and also send email messages to your customers.

Why managing your list isn’t worth the effort

When most people think of using an autoresponder for their list, they assume that running it on their own is pretty manageable. However, the reality is far from easy.

Firstly, when you manage your own autoresponder system, you run the problem of too much traffic on your server. Most likely, your web host may not like the fact that there’s too much email coming from your server.

Secondly, you risk your server being shut down as your web host may be bombarded with complaints about spam. And then thirdly, your emails may not get to the intended recipients’ inboxes if you’re not white listed as a trusted source.

All these reasons justify the necessity to hire autoresponder services. Here is a list of three of the best and the reasons why they are.

ibp review


This is by far the single most popular service in the autoresponder business and as you might suspect, their costs are a bit on the high end – first month charge is $1 and $19 for subsequent months for up to 500 members. However, they have a reputation for being very reliable and they provide a lot of features in addition to integration with a number of leading web platforms.

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Get Response

Get Response is arguably the second most popular service in the autoresponder business. they are somewhat cheaper than AWeber at $9.95 per month for a 250 member list or $18 per month for a 1000 subscriber list. While they do not have a lot of integration with other web services, they are a reliable service and seem pretty popular.

On the downside, Get Response’s interface isn’t as pleasant to use as AWeber’s, so many email marketing novices may be put off by this. Nonetheless, the service still has a huge base of marketers that swear by it.


InfusionSoft may be a bit pricey to use but that’s because it offers more than just autoresponder services. It combines a range of services into a single solution – Customer Relationship Management, email marketing and a shopping cart. Frankly speaking, this service is not for everyone but it definitely has its place with some of the top names in internet marketing.

On the downside, InfusionSoft comes last as far as ease of use is concerned. It is much harder to get set up and run compared to AWeber and Get Response. And of course, the price is also on the high end. Their free trail plans should give you good assessment of this product before you part with your hard earned money.

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