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Writing Your Resource Box for Success

A resource box is the place at the bottom of your article where you are permitted by article directories to insert information about you and a link to your website.

In effective, the article directory trades giving you traffic in exchange for your content. But this is a profitable trade for them because minus your content, they cannot operate.

And in turn, without their website and services, you would find it hard to get your content ranked by search engines.

So, we can now see how that a resource area is very important because it is vital for your success. Without it, you wouldn’t be able to generate traffic to your website.

However, it’s not enough to just have a resource box where you can dump your link and bio information. You need to use it wisely to achieve success.

Here’s how to write your resource box for success.

Firstly, if you haven’t yet found the keywords you want to target in your resource box, do so. These should be the keywords you want your website to be ranked for in search engines. These keyword phrases are normally not more than 3 words long and they are extremely competitive.

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Many people are searching for those phrases and many websites too are competing for top placement for those search phrases. So get a list of about ten of the keywords you’re targeting and use them in your resource box.

What you need to do next is familiarize yourself with what a stellar author bio ought to have. Here are some of the things that shouldn’t miss in an exceptional bio box:

o Your author name. Although this is not necessary, it is highly recommended. Not only does a name increase your credibility but it also portrays you as an expert in that field.

o Include a summarized background about yourself that will make a reader have more trust in your advice.

o Give something valuable to lure the reader into clicking your link. There should be an incentive to make someone visit your website.

o Then of course, you cannot miss a link in your resource box.

Now for each of your keywords, write a resource box. Just ensure that the keywords naturally fit in with the sentence phrasing. These keyword phrases are what will form the anchor text that will form the link back to your website.

Include your written out URL within your text as you write your resource boxes. You will normally be using your keywords to create one of the links but it is also helpful if a reader sees a website address written out. It helps them remember your website’s location and go there even if they are not reading your article at that particular time.

Using an automatic article submitter makes it very easy to manage your resource box. The ‘resource box manager’ feature that comes with article submitters enables you to select a bio box to use with each article you submit. You just post the resource box only once into the submitter and you’ll just have to specify the resource box to use on a given article.

Use these strategies to write your resource box to success.

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