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XSitePro 2 Review And Bonuses

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xsitepro 2 bonusesXSitePro 2 is the ULTIMATE granddaddy software in professional website creation for everyone with or without any experience.

Most people are turned off by the stigma that website creation is for geeky nerds with thick glasses sitting behind a computer screen. Well, it used to be this way until XSitePro was launched.

The bottom line is: If you have simple Mircosoft Word skills (i.e. You can type, copy and paste, insert simple graphics), YOU CAN CREATE A PROFESSIONAL LOOKING WEBSITE in a matter of hours. XSitePro's user friendly interface is very similar to most applications that you would probably already had used before.

Xsitepro 2 - A dream for Internet Marketers

One of the biggest fears that beginner Internet marketers have is, how they would deal with the technical stuff like creating their website, without having prior knowledge about it. Even website softwares like Dreamweaver is not very helpful here because that kind of software is not designed to help people with no tech training create good IM sites.

This is the reason that X Site Pro 2 was built. It is geared towards new Internet marketers who are hoping to build their businesses with SEO friendly sites that will bring in more sales and conversions.

This review will explain how Xsitepro2 can help you grow your IM business. Anyone using Dreamweaver would know how much time it first takes to create a webpage, especially if you're just starting out and don't have much technical knowledge. This was exactly what led Paul to create this software so that online marketers no longer face hurdles when creating their web pages.

SEO Analysis Tool: There are so many worthwhile features in Xsitepro 2 but this particular feature stands out because it is incredibly effective. There are alot of SEO companies out there that will charge you a lot of money to do what this program can do for you. It helps you analyze the factors of a webpage so that you know what you need to change to improve your ranking.

The information that you get will show you just what needs to be done to help you rank better in the search engines. This is the most important part of figuring how to beat the rest and helps you rank high for the keywords that you have chosen to focus on.

Content Publisher Scheduler - the most important part of any website, as far as the search engine rankings are concerned, is content. You don't just need good content to boost your ranking in the search engines; you need new content regularly. This is why it is important to put fresh content on your website.

Search engines favor sites that are regularly updated, which is the best way to impress those spiders. The Content Publisher Scheduler is a simple feature that allows you to create content in advance and schedule its posting for later. This allows you to pay attention to other parts of your business while your website gets updated.

Automatically Build Navigation and Internal Links - There are a lot of reasons to buy XSitePro 2 but SEO is a big one. This feature helps you automatically build internal links and good navigation, which are other things that search engines spiders like to see.

Google and the other big search engines give higher priority to sites that place more emphasis on their internal linking structure and site navigation because those are things that show that the site is of high quality.

To conclude, Xsitepro 2 is a well made website creation tool that is far superior to the others in the market.

Check out the XSitePro Review of the features it has to offer in the video below...


x site pro 2 bonus

Check out the personal XSitePro Review and the software in action... 


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1) 100+ Power Webmaster Scripts - Retail Value $97

2) Traffic Explosion - Retail Value $47

3) Facebook Rockstar System - Retail Price $47

4) Twitter Know-How - Retail Price $37

5) Niche Profit Machine - Retail Price $37

6) Professional Graphics Package - Retail Price $37

7) Affiliate Marketing Power - Retail Price $27

8) SEO Made Easy- Retail Price $27

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x site pro 2

 XSitePro 2 Bonus #1: "100 Power Scripts"

Value: $97

Grab Over 100+ Scripts That Can Be Easily Integrated into XSitePro 2 And Boost Your Website Functionality!

"Profit Pulling Package, Gives You The Power To Create Different Niche Websites" 

100 plus scripts Xsitepro2 bonuses

Included in this package are a dating site script, an ecommerce/mall script, auction site script, research tools, content rotators, automatic backup, lead generators, and so many more that we can not possible mention them all here. Most of them are written in Perl, and there is no support provided for them.

These scripts were originally sold for $17.00 EACH on sale (the normal price was even more), which means this package was originally a $1938+ value!

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XSitePro 2 Bonus #2: "Traffic Explosion Secrets"

Value: $47

Have Crowds Of Hungry Buyers Stepping Over Each Other To Stuff Wads Of Cash Into Your Pockets Right Now!

"Discover Low Cost And Free Ways To Generate Heaps Of Targeted Traffic That Will Cause You To Profit Beyond Your Wildest Dreams!"

xsitepro bonus 

This is a compilation of the SEO and traffic generation methods that have worked over the years for me like gangbusters, and you can now have the same bees-to-honey effect with your prospects!

This powerful guide (PDF plus a series of video tutorials) holds many keys to generating loads of traffic, including:

  • The two most important main ways of getting consistent first page ranks in Google
  • What on-site SEO is and how simple and effective it is to execute!
  • How a couple of well written articles can flood tons of traffic to your sites!
  • The place to publish your articles for optimum coverage...
  • Leveraging on social bookmarking to divert streams of traffic to your main site
  • A short cut way to create your own viral marketing video easily without filming anything!
  • How to use 'fun' social sites such as facebook and twitter to pull in heaps of fans
  • Properly utilizing paid ads for your marketing campaigns...

You get this exclusive $47 product FREE if you order XSitePro 2 Today! 

 XSitePro 2 Bonus #3: "Facebook Rockstar System"

Value: $47

Do You Want To Tap Into 500 Million Potential Customers And Become A
Facebook Rockstar?...Well Now You Can With This Step By Step Video Series

"You Need To Take Advantage Of The Traffic Monster That Is Facebook !"

xsite pro review and bonus

What if once and for all YOU learned all the techniques that gave you the chance to become a Facebook Rockstar?

You can finally put your "facebook frustration" behind you and learn how to take advantage of this social media platform...the profitable way.

Well there is a way for you to learn the top Facebook marketing techniques at lightening speed, both free and paid to suit every budget. I will also show you how to use the new google adwords...FACEBOOK ADS !  These ads are laser targeted and if done right can cost pennies on the dollar.                

These strategies alone can potentially skyrocket your income online overnight, you just need to know "how" to use Facebook for business, so you can profit like a rockstar.

You get this exclusive $47 product FREE if you order XSitePro 2 Today! 

XSitePro 2 Bonus #4: "Twitter Know How"

Value: $37

Learn Everything You Need to Know About Twitter For Maximum Profit - Even if You Are a Complete Newbie

"Twitter Know-How - Audio MP3 Included!"

twitter know how  

In this simple but deadly effective shortcut guide, you will discover...

  • Exactly what Twitter is;
  • Why Twitter is an deadly effective marketing tool;
  • How to sign up, use and 'tweak' Twitter as an internet marketer;
  • Which aspects of Twitter are VITAL and which ones are time consuming and energy sapping;
  • Twitter etiquette;
  • The truth about getting Followers;
  • Providing value (which sells);
  • How to write killer tweets;
  • The best Twitter plugins...

You get this exclusive $37 product FREE if you order XSitePro 2 Today!  

XSitePro 2 Bonus #5: "Niche Profit Machine"

Value: $37

Discover Hot Markets With Thousands Of Fanatical Fans Who Buy Everything They Can Get Their Hands On . . .

"Creating an Online Business Has Never Been Easier..."

niche profit machine

Why Target Niche Markets?

They buy everything they can find!

Squash players, golfers, fishermen, brides, model train lovers, scrapbookers...all these people share one thing in common. They are fanatical about their hobby.

Selling to a hot, passionate market is easy. They don't need to be convinced about a product, they just need to know it exists.

You're about to discover...

  • Where to find these hungry markets with ravenous buyers
  • How to create a quality product that sells instantly
  • How to get in front of the market and let them know about your product
  • How to stomp on your competition

You get this exclusive $37 product FREE if you order XSitePro 2 Today! 

XSitePro 2 Bonus #6: "Professional Graphics Package"

Value: $37

Get Professional Graphics For Use in Your Website Creation And Design. . .

3d man           xsitepro bonus

Useful Graphics for Web Design

xsitepro 2 bonus

Website Headers That You Can You in X Site Pro

  • 100 3D Man Characters in various pose
  • 100 3D Woman Characters in various poses
  • Nice set of 25 free PLR “Business” headers. These headers come in both JPG and PSD formatsr

You get this exclusive $37 product FREE if you order XSitePro 2 Today! 

XSitePro 2 Bonus #7: "Affiliate Marketing Power"

Value: $27

How To Make Money With Other People's Products...

"Don't have your own product to sell? No Worries..."


You're about to discover...

  • Finding Products to sell. Where do you start? This section shows you where to find products where you can earn commissions.
  • What to look for when promoting a product. There are a few factors you need to look for when promoting a product.
  • Marketing A Product. This section teaches you how to promote a product as an affiliate.
  • Website Use. How to create a free website to promote products.
  • Store Displays. This section shows the concept of leveraging on other people's traffic.
  • and much much more...

You get this exclusive $27 product FREE if you order XSitePro 2 Today! 

 XSitePro  Bonus #8: "SEO Made Easy"

Value: $27

Discover How To Get Your Sites On Top of The Search Engines So You Can Generate More Leads and Sales...

"You'll find out why search engine optimization is important and why you should be optimizing are your pages so people can find your site"

seo made easy niche profit class room review

Exactly how to use SEO and how to implement SEO strategies.

How to use keywords so that people will land on your page for your keyword choice.

How to use title tags for "on-page" optimization.

How to optimize your site's meta description.

How to use blogs for even better optimization and traffic.

You get this exclusive $27 product FREE if you order XSitePro 2 Today! 

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 SEO link vine review

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