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Banner Ad Blueprint Review And Bonus

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banner ad blueprint reviewBanner Ad blueprint is a form of affiliate marketing, albeit now done in a completely new way. It is basically about promoting other people’s products or services and getting a commission per sold item.

You can also get paid per action, hence the word cost per action. This is great because the client doesn’t need to buy anything.

Just by filling in a form or giving out an e-mail address will give you some profits. Anyone can do it because it is pretty simple and does not require any prior experience.  

Banner ad blue print is suitable for both beginners ad experienced affiliate marketers. Some of the videos define the difference between internet marketing and affiliate marketing. This is very helpful for beginners who have never used either. It also provides important information that experienced marketers may not know about.

Banner ad blueprint shows you different types of landing pages you can come up with. Though they don’t recommend the exact replica of the samples they show you they give you a better idea on how to make a nice successful page.

They also offer tips on how to make more people click on your affiliate links i.e. on whether to be authoritative or be funny on your landing page. You also get advice on whether to use images, videos or audio to make your page more interesting which will mean more sales.

banner ad blueprint

In addition, you get a recommendation for programs to help keep an eye on your landing programs performance. You also have the option of watching a video on how visitors behave once they visit your page.

A banner ad blueprint provides a lot of information on how to choose the best affiliate programs and networks, information on how to target products that have the highest conversion rates, how to optimize keyword research as well as how to streamline the rest of the affiliate marketing process.

The best thing about banner ad blue print is that it shows you how to make ads and banner images that will give excellent results in addition to where you can put affiliate banners and images. There are also banner ad blue print videos to help you know which programs to use with your affiliate marketing process.

It also give you an idea on the best network to choose as well as showing you which network gives you the best information. Moreover, it will help you learn how to get more information. The other good thing about banner ad blueprint is that it can help you get started without a website.

This way, you can direct your time as well as money to promoting your product and services rather than wasting a lot of time trying to get your own website.

If you really like the idea of making money online, go for Banner Ad Blueprint and you will not be disappointed.

banner ad blueprint review

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2) Copywriters Blueprint - Retail Value $47

3) Video Pop In Genius - Retail Price $47

4) Instant Video Suite - Retail Price $47

5) Using Video On Your Website - Retail Price $27

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banner ad blueprint

Banner Ad Blueprint Bonus #1: "Instant Graphics PLR"

Value: $47

 Get Professionally Design Graphics That You CAn Use Instantly For Any Purposes!

"Make Easy Edits and Tweaks to Your Graphics Too..." 

instant graphics plr

PLR Graphics package “501 Instant PLR Graphics” includes:

501 Graphics Manual (105 pages),
100 Real People Images,
250 Professional Banners,
165 Aqua Power Buttons,
20 Headers,
Website Graphics (arrows, headers, numbers, buttons),
15 Guarantee Certificates,
35 Video Squeeze Templates & Website,
20 Minisites Templates & Website
Website Graphics

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Banner Ad Blueprint Bonus #2: "List Building Income"

Value: $47

Discover How YOU - Or Anyone - Can Quickly & Easily Create Your Very Own Recurring Income Generating Asset Online...

"How to Build a Virtual Empire of Recurring Customers for Passive Income!"

list building income banner ad blueprint bonus

In List Building Income, you will discover MULTIPLE list building techniques that you can pick, choose, mix, and match... and use!

Most manuals and courses on the same subject out there often touch on one or two specific list building methods. They might work for you. Or they might not. But I present all the gamut in these power-packed, "you-can-absorb-overnight" videos!

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 Banner Ad Blueprint Bonus #3: "Video Pop In Genius"

Value: $47

Instantly Turn Your Old Static Webpages into Lead Capturing, Sales Driving, Visitor Attention Grabbing Machines

"This new software will bring new life to your web pages to increase your opt-in rate, improve your sales conversions, and keep visitors on your site longer!"

Video Pop In Genius

This cutting-edge explosive new software will enable you to turn your site's visitors into subscribers in mere seconds! Just plug your opt-in form code into the software and you've got an incredible subscriber grabbing video.

You'll have the ability to interact with your visitors on a whole new scale, without the need for full length videos, and without slowing your page down. In fact, you will soon see that our exclusive video pop-in technology often loads more quickly than those static pop-ins that you have been using until now! 

You get this exclusive $47 product FREE if you order Banner Ad Blueprint Today! 

 Banner Ad Blueprint Bonus #4: "Instant Video Suite"

Value: $47

Easily Create Your Own Videos With The Clicks of A Few Mouse Buttons And a Webcam

"You can create your own video salescopy or information content for viral posting with this software!"

isntant video sutie

Maybe you don't have a video camera, or don't know how to produce videos to use with your new Video Pop-In Genius! NO PROBLEM! We'll include the Instant Video Suite, which has everything you need to get started... even if you don't have a video camera!

This powerful suite of programs comes with screen-capture software which allows you to make videos of your computer screen with no camera. It also includes web-cam software, so you can produce videos with a simple $10 web cam. With this system, you can record your video and automatically produce a flash-embedded HTML file ready to put on your web site in just one step, or use the video with the Video Pop-In Genius!

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Banner Ad Blueprint Bonus #5: "Using Video On Your Website"

Value: $27

Did You Waste Thousands Of Dollars On Marketing Your Business Online? Does The Dream Of Seeing Your Website Listed On The First Page Of Google Continues To Remain Elusive?

"Leverage on the power of video marketing to become an online sensation! Connect to your potential customers and become a brand name to contend with!"

using video on your websites

Web pages are cold. On the contrary, a video offers dynamic pictures. People can see and hear you. Videos have the potential of creating undisputable relationships. Furthermore, there is so much competition in the Internet world that it is nearly impossible to stand out in the crowd. A high quality video is all you need to increase your visibility four-folds!

Capitalize on the 3V’s – verbal, vocal, visual – backup to spread your sales message to potential customers!

Make your videos informative, explain every aspect of your business, win the viewers’ trust and get recognized as a reliable brand.

Drive a large number of traffic to your site without spending unnecessary time and money on deciphering other search engine algorithms.

Learn how to give a title, format, publish and optimize a video to give a massive fillip to your search engine rankings.

Create and upload quality videos consistently and gain a reputation for being a field expert.
Sit back and see your career take wings in a single day...

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 Banner Ad Blueprint Bonus #6: "Squeeze Page Guru "

Value: $27

Learning About How To Be A Squeeze Page Guru Can Have Amazing Benefits For Your Life And Success!

"How To Assemble Cash Pulling Squeeze Pages!"

squeeze page guru 

How To Assemble Cash Pulling Squeeze PagYou Can Have Better Success In Business And Life If You Discover Squeeze Page Guru!

People who struggle in business and life will find these things in common:

    *   They don't know squeeze page basics.

    *   They have no idea what is required.

    *   They are struggling with how to design a theme.

    *   They also don't understand how to write a compelling page!

    *   Many more problems untold…

Well don't worry…

With the strategies that I’m about to let you in on , you will have no problems when it comes to learning the truth behind becoming a squeeze page guru!

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 SEO link vine review

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banner ad blueprint


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