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Tweetomatic Profiteer Review And Bonuses 

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tweetomatic reviewThe launch of the twitter direct marketing software, Tweetomatic Profiteer, was met with quiet excitement, far from the pomp akin to many software launches.

The main application leverages the power of Twitter automation with Clickbank affiliate marketing, and is marketed at $77.

Unlike many other Twitter traffic building software products that charge a monthly subscription, this is a one-off purchase, which is a refreshingly good start.

After a few affiliate sales through your newly acquired followers, you quickly recover your investment and everything after that is profit.

However, there’s a onetime offer (OTO) to cross, which will eventually unlock the application for usage with unlimited Twitter accounts. So, to go over once more, the standard copy allows addition of one Twitter account and utilizes all the features and automation to follow and un-follow people in a particular niche – which you can change anytime you wish – and promote Clickbank products related to that niche.

You’ll have to fork out another $67 for the OTO but then you’ll be able to add as many Twitter accounts as you want – unlimited – and promote various Clickbank products to them, creating automated tweets for every account.

Therefore, theoretically, it is possible to load up ten accounts each having a different niche and, build your own tweets beside the Clickbank products you’re going to promote; quit some auto pilot worth pondering.


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Our Review of Tweetomatic Profiteer

Frankly speaking, this product has got real potential if it is polished up a bit. To start with, this is a stand-alone application, not a web-based distributes system, which means that you’ll need to download an executable and install it to run on your computer.

This in turn means that for real 24×7 automation, your computer needs to be running all the time. But it will inform you that in case you have to switch off your computer, you can go ahead; the scheduled tweets will be forwarded when the computer is switched back on. Not a bad thing after all.

One thing that’s a bit of a drag is the graphical user interface (GUI). Its look and fell are pretty basic and can easily be a big put off for beginners. While the looks wouldn’t matter so much as the usability and features, you would hope that this area will be improved with time.

More importantly, you need to make some decisions right at the start before you fully set up your automation. You need to choose between an affiliate marketer for someone’s products, or being a product vendor directly.

When you install the application, you’ll create your first twitter account, then the Clickbank account. Next is to create the campaign then select which account to use, plus the keywords; all these are for following other Twitter users, as well as selecting a niche in Clickbank.

Clickbank will search for the top ten products associated with your keyword and builds 10 tweets with a short URL containing your Clickbank affiliate ID. Your own tweets slated to be sent out in-between the affiliate tweets can then be added.

In a nutshell, Tweetomatic Profiteer covers the basics you’d expect it to, in addition to the Clickbank interface, for a profitable affiliate marketing business.


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 Tweetomatic Profiteer Bonus #1: "40 Hours to Twitter Mastery"

Value: $47

Cash In With The 10th Largest Website
On The Internet, Twitter...

"Tune In To The Global Conversation And Get Real-Time Access To Your Market" 

tweetomatic bonuses

This is a course that anyone (even people with very little tech background) can take and follow, step by step, to get their business up and running on the incredible Twitter network.

The course will walk you through all of the required steps from basic setup to advanced customization and automation.

You are a business owner (or a provider of services to them) and your time is more valuable than anything else. We understand that better than anyone else so we have put together a training framework that will minimize your time investment, maximize your results and get Twitter fully integrated into your overall business marketing efforts now!

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Tweetomatic Profiteer Auctions Bonus #2: "Blogging Guru "System

Value: $47

Learn How to Finally Make Money From Your Blogs And Be a Guru in Any Niche With These Step by Step Videos

"Now You Can Blog Like The Gurus..."

blogging guru 

It really is true. You can make solid, autopilot profits from blogging. Some people do it for fun, some to get noticed, some even to rant and rave, but this video series will show how to "make money" with blogging. That's the reason you are here right ? You may already know, there are bloggers out there, such as Yaro Starak, Perez Hilton and others who have built up very lucrative business empires from blogging alone!

And fair enough too, I'll have to agree with you because I have met heaps of marketers who claim they are making a fortune from their blog, when in fact they are really not making that much at all.

You see, "blogging like the guru's" is more than just having ads or clickbank links slapped all over the site or keywords and anchor text in every paragraph.

There are alot of other factors to keep in mind as well if you want to be a successful need to research things such as the profitability of your niche, keywords to use, what sort of product do you want to sell or promote as an affiliate online and alot of other factors you need to consider....

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 Tweetomatic Profiteer Bonus #3: "Email Profiteers"

Value: $47

Discover the Secrets to Insane Profits With Highly Targeted mailing Lists That Run On Complete Auto Pilot

"The Fastest And Easiest Way Ever Revealed To Building Profitable Mailing Lists!"

email profiteers tweetomatic review and bonuses

This is a clear-cut, step by step system to building and monetizing mailing lists. In fact, I guarantee that you will never find a more straightforward, comprehensive guide anywhere else!

It's time for you to shift your online business into high gear and give yourself an equal opportunity to compete in your market. You simply can't do that without building and growing a list.

I simplify the entire process by guiding you step by step as you build a rock solid mailing list that will catapult your business to the next level!

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 Tweetomatic Profiteer Bonus #4: "Online Branding Secrets"

Value: $37

Leapfrog Over All Your Competitors With These Simple Branding Secrets You Can Apply Immediately!

"Discover Simple Yet Powerful Techniques Successful Marketers Build Their Businesses Upon..."


This simple to execute, straight forward guide will reveal to you how you can easily create a successful and powerful brand that your prospects will recall as easily as McDonald's is associated with fast food and Coke with soda!

You will discover valuable chunks of branding advice such as:

  • The No. 1 mistake most marketers make in building a brand - DO NOT repeat this!
  • Some proven, effective ways to creating a brand people will definitely remember
  • One important element to remember to have customers flocking back to you time and again
  • How choosing the right domain names can affect your branding for better or worse!
  •  hoosing your logo and building your brand using the right words without breaking a sweat and much much more...

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Tweetomatic Profiteer Bonus #5: "Viral Marketing Secrets"

Value: $37

Who Wants To Learn How To Have Heaps Of Prospects And Sales With Deadly Viral Tactics That Work Like Gangbusters!

"Discover How To Create A Viral Campaign So Effective You'll Get Tons Of Eager Prospects And A Product That People Remember For Life!"

In this no-nonsense, amazing video series you will learn:

  •  What the Viral Buzz really is and how it can help skyrocket your business
  •  How the humble ebook can turn into a deadly viral tool and pull in loads of prospects
  •  Using the simple email for an effective viral campaign that works like gangbusters
  •  Viral flash games that have your prospects hooked and begging for more!
  •  Blogging for viral successes – This could make or break your online empire!
  •  Creating successful viral videos for massive, unimaginable loads of traffic

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Tweetomatic Profiteer Bonus #6: "Social Bookmarking Backlinks"

Value: $37

"Want To Get Indexed In Hours And Boost Your Search Engine Rankings?"

"Step By Step Guide Reveals How To Massively Boost Your Traffic And Get Indexed Rapidly Using Freely Available Resources"

  social bookmarking backlinks        

Many people tell you to bookmark your webpages and may even show you one or two places to actually do the bookmarking, but no one will show you everything that is contained in this program.

This step by step guide will teach you everything you need to know about using social bookmarking including:

    *      How to effectively use outsources to do your social bookmarking
    *      Where to find outsourcers who are reasonable priced
    *      How to get completely natural social bookmarks for just a cent a bookmark
    *      Exactly how you can avoid any penalties for spamming the bookmarking sites using a simple step by step system whilst getting hundreds of bookmarks
    *      How to bookmark your site on up to 50 different social bookmarking sites for absolutely nothing
    *      Which tools are available to do your social bookmarking and what to look for when investing in one
    *      And much much more...

You get this exclusive $37 product FREE if you order Tweetomatic Profiteer Today! 

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1. Enable Cookies in your internet browser. If you are not sure how to do this, follow the instructions here:

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Tweetomatic Profiteer is being sold via Clickbank. Verify that my affiliate name is included on the order form. At the bottom of the Clickbank order form you should see my affiliate name [affiliate = guitarpw] as shown in the image below. If it is not, then return to step 1. You need to get this step right to claim my bonuses when you purchase Tweetomatic Profiteer.

ClickBank Guitarpw

3. Proceed to order Tweetomatic Profiteer and send me your Clickbank receipt

Forward it to:

contact us 

I will personally send you all the bonuses once I verify your order.

(The email address above is an image, you will need to type it manually.)

* Please allow for 24-48 hours for us to confirm your order with my affiliate link and then send you further instructions to receieve your bonuses. *

 SEO link vine review

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