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If you’re carrying out some sort of online business on your website (for instance selling services or products) then you must have considered Internet Marketing as one of the ways to increase chances of succeeding.

Any professional website cannot simply do without Internet Marketing. The number of existing competitors coupled with the sheer amount of information and content available online necessitates the need for you to get your products through all the noise.

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Online Internet Marketing Resources

Presently, you can use a variety of internet marketing resources. Many of these are offered by service companies and they can take the form of tools that offer support to your customers, among others.

Email marketing, search engine optimization (SEO) services, social media marketing, search engine marketing, and affiliate marketing are some of the online Internet Marketing resources available. You can use at least one of these resources but using them all in your internet marketing strategy the better option. Let’s examine some of the best internet marketing options.

Email marketing – Well written email sales letters are one of the most powerful marketing resources on the internet. It’s not a straightforward thing to craft emails that will generate sales, but when you stick to the basics, you will manage to persuade as many potential customers as possible into making a purchase.

The basics of writing compelling email sales letters include: addressing recipients by name, addressing the problem right away, offering a unique solution, sticking to a single theme, and presenting a call to action and telling recipients how to respond.

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Search Engine Optimization – As most internet marketers know, search engine optimization (SEO) forms part of the core arsenal needed for online success. Majority of internet marketers consider being close to the top in search results on Yahoo, Google or Bing as the beginning of success.

Indeed, the whole point of SEO is to build and increase your search rank for your specified keywords in a search engine, which in turn gives you more exposure. SEO as an online marketing tool is one of the things that businesses invest a lot of money in.

There are dozens of companies offering SEO services as their core business. You’ll also find self-proclaimed marketing gurus that sell hundreds of eBooks and other downloads of information claiming to offer the best SEO strategies.

While some of this is genuine information with SEO techniques that work when correctly applied, much of it is recycled information that can be found freely online with careful searching.

Social Media – There are recent reports suggesting that social media advertising revenue is slowly eating into paid search. While this cannot be verified as of now, it wouldn’t be hard to believe.

Most businesses are starting to wake up to the fact that social media is fast becoming the hottest online marketing resource. As such, every serious business now has a fully fledged social media plan. It entails more than just creating a page on Facebook, Twitter, or any other social network.

On the whole, the internet marketing resource you finally focus on depends on the size of your business and your marketing budget. Larger businesses usually incorporate all the major internet marketing resources.

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General Internet Marketing Articles:

  1. How to Make Money with PLR
    If you're new to the affiliate marketing game, or maybe just reassessing how you get things done, you've probably heard a lot about PLR and how much value it holds for aspiring marketers.
  2. Suffering from Information Overload? - Internet Marketing
    It's no secret that today's technology rich world is an informational geyser. Every day, thousands of sources of new data and information pour into your inbox and desktop, all intent on providing you with new insights and ideas for how to boost your Internet marketing tactics.
  3. Millionaire Mindset Tips
    It's no secret that super affiliates have more resources than the average beginner. They have more tools, more contacts, and more websites than a beginning affiliate marketer.
  4. Turbo Charged Productivity Tips
    What's the number one thing that beginning affiliate marketers (along with a handful of veterans) do wrong? Procrastination. And even those that don't procrastinate may have bad habits that lead to poor productivity and a general waste of time.
  5. Recording Videos for Your Outsourcers
    Tell me if you've ever had this problem before: you hire a contractor to take on your next programming or design task. They have great feedback and lots of solid portfolio items, but when you get the first draft back, it's not anything like what you wanted.
  6. How to Make Money on YouTube
    Currently, there are several ways you can make money on YouTube. And while YouTube is not yet that much profitable, a few individuals have managed to rake in thousands of dollars a year from their videos.
  7. How to Make a Banner Ad
    You’ve probably come across your fair share of banner ads if you’ve spent some time browsing pages on the internet – the small rectangular adverts that many web pages have.
  8. How to Make Money on eBay
    If you're like many marketers, you have been trying to learn how to make money on eBay, the world's largest open marketplace.
  9. Pay Per Click Tips
    Majority of online marketing campaigns depend on Pay-per-Click (PPC) advertising. But running a successful – or even an unsuccessful – PPC campaign can be very tedious.
  10. Search Engine Optimization Strategy
    Everyone's looking for the perfect search engine optimization strategy to get their website into the top search engines on page one. That simple organic search bump can be the determining factor for thousands of businesses trying to stand out and take their business to the next level.
  11. How to Create Viral 7-20 Page Reports
    Creating reports is not rocket science. Like most skills, getting the principles plus a little intuition is what matters. Anyone can compile and write a report about something.
  12. Making Money With Domain Names
    As with most things on the internet, you can also make money with domain names – if you know what to do. You can try a bit of domain speculation but this is in no way the best way to make money with domain names.
  13. Translate English to Spanish to Overcome the Language Barrier
    Spanish speaking consumers now make up a significant portion of the US market. In fact, they are the fastest growing market in the North American country.
  14. Free Website Analytics
    If you’re a website owner or marketer, it’s incumbent upon you to keep abreast with what is taking place on your website so that you can make improvements and get better results.
  15. Reading RSS Feeds with an RSS Aggregator
    The number of websites and individuals generating content has soared over the years. This unmanageable size of content produced makes it hard for many people to keep abreast with the latest and most important information.
  16. Hiring A Dedicated SEO Server
    As the name implies, a dedicated SEO server is one that is dedicated solely to you without being shared by any other company. The server is leased to your company alone such that you exercise full authority over its use.
  17. How To Find The Best Mail Forwarding Service
    If you normally shop at US online stores and want your goods sent to you in a different part of the world, or if you want to receive your US mail in another country, then a mail forwarding service is your best option. It can save you lots of money.
  18. Internet Marketing Time Management
    When you want to earn money on the internet, there are broadly three stages you need to go through: product acquisition, product presentation development, and product promotion.
  19. Put These 3 Link Building Tips to Work for You Now
    This is not always the case and it is up to the person doing the optimization to establish a middle ground between quality and quantity. But the quality of incoming links is always more important than the number of links.

General Internet Marketing Articles

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