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Pay Per Click Tips

Majority of online marketing campaigns depend on Pay-per-Click (PPC) advertising. But running a successful – or even an unsuccessful – PPC campaign can be very tedious, time consuming and most times, it is quite costly.

Nonetheless, it all becomes all the worthwhile with a good return on investment (ROI).

The following are some tips to help in your PPC campaigns.

Run a negative campaign – No. This doesn’t advocate for bashing competitors in your ad copy. Rather, you should make use of negative keywords, one of the most neglected features offered by PPC advertising. Such keywords allow you to select words that ‘will not’ trigger your ad.

For instance, if you’re selling new cars, then by placing the word ‘used’ on your negative keyword list, you’ll only be targeting customers searching for new cars. When correctly used and words regularly updated, this strategy can ensure that your clickers are serious buyers.

Location – there’s really no point in having your ad clicked by someone living in Iowa when you sell your insurance in California. When some ingenuous users do not focus their impressions based on location, PPC dollars simply go to waste.

Most search engines now offer geo-location features that allow users to target specific markets based on geo-specific keywords or origin of IP addresses or both.

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Give offers – There’s a lot of competition around so it’s only natural that you make your ad unique. Build a call to action by offering value first. Make use of terms like ‘Free Download’ or ‘Learn More’ to pull potential customers. Encourage searchers to take action and inform them of what to expect once they click.

Be dynamic – To create more relevant ad copy, use dynamic keyword insertion by putting the precise keyword phrase searched into your ad. Customers are more likely to click when they see the exact search term they typed. While this technique is very useful and can tremendously boost your click through rate, it is not suited for PPC novices. It can in fact backfire if poorly applied.

Make use of long tail keywords – These are three to four phrases that specifically apply to your product. This works because visitors whose search phrases are very specific are usually further along the buying process and can lead to increased conversion rates.

For instance, someone searching for shoes might type ‘boots, then narrow it down to ‘knee high boots’ when they are about to make a purchase. Also, long tail keywords are less popular with PPC novices. So, if less people are bidding on your keyword, the cost per click will go down too.

Do some testing – Merely setting up a PPC campaign and hoping for the best may not work. You need to carry out proper testing and analysis. You will understand your campaign results better when you use metrics, so set up A/B tests so that you find out what works and what doesn’t.

Timing – In PPC campaigns, timing can mean everything. On top on geo-targeting, time targeting is also possible with PPC campaigns. When you do an analysis of your metrics, you’ll be able to discover the period that your campaigns yield the most conversion rates. After that, you’ll be able to restrict ad impressions for hours when you make least sales, regardless of number of clicks.

These tips cover the basics of pay per click advertising and if applied correctly, you will see an increase in your ROI for your campaigns.

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