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Rapid Rewriter Review And Bonuses

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rapid rewriter reviewThere are times when the chaotic, and sometimes confusing world of internet marketing becomes too much to handle, and remain sane.

For some who have mastered the game, it is undeniably a wonderful place, not only to make money, but to help others achieve success too.

To start with, you might have noticed by now that it is extremely hard to find an honest, unbiased review of any product online as most people focus so much on getting you to buy the product - obviously for a commission – rather than giving you unbiased information so that when you finally make a decision, it is at least an informed one.

In this review of Rapid Rewriter, you’ll get all the facts laid out as it’s not really about selling this time.

What is Rapid Re-writer?

For anyone who’s been into some kind of internet business, the terms ‘article marketing’, ‘content spinners’, ‘article spinners’ should be familiar. Just a few years ago, article spinners were hardly heard of, but they seem to have sprung up everywhere with the advent ‘bum marketing’ and its apparent success, in addition to a number of different other article marketing methods.

It seems that the formula ‘more traffic equals more profit’ has been proved with time, and one of the best ways to get ‘free’ quality traffic is by increasing your website’s ranking in popular search engines, such as Google and Yahoo. Then, what’s the simplest way to get your website’s ranking high?

That has to be quality content (and article marketing). Quality content entails a number of things – firstly, writing the content, then posting to web 2.0 directories and blog networks which massively expose you so that you generate quality backlinks.

That should all work fine, except that you cannot submit the same article to the different article directories and blog networks – search engine algorithms are ‘intelligent’ enough to detect duplicate content and, whereas they will not directly penalize you, they will certainly degrade all the ‘duplicate’ copies of your article. What every person is looking for online is unique quality content, and that goes for the search engines too.

There are several ways you could go about creating content: you can sit down and write your own articles - which takes hours and hours, you could hire someone to do it for you - which of course would cost you a significant amount, or you could buy an article spinner.

Unfortunately, most article spinners doing the rounds on the market are not worth the hype. At best, they will only substitute some words for similar words and the end result on most occasions is some unreadable content. This can be quite frustrating.

rapid rewriter bonus and review

=> Rapid Rewriter - 100% Unique Content Fast

Why is Rapid Rewriter different?

One of the things that set this product apart is its ability to spin whole sentences, other than a few words. To cut to the chase, Rapid Rewriter can spin a 3 sentence paragraph up to 12 times, giving 12 unique versions of the paragraph. You can do the math for the complete article.

It has a special function that spins a paragraph in an include/exclude format, i.e., a selected sentence or paragraph can be included or excluded after a spin.

It has a large built in thesaurus for substituting words, in addition to custom added phrases/sentences.

It allows you to preview the spun articles in HTML format, so that you can verify if the embedded links are correctly inserted.

You can directly submit to Ezine Articles, as well as other top article directories.

On the downside, Rapid Rewriter can only submit to a few directories, less than 10 actually. In all, it is one intuitive, easy to use tool which so far has lived up to its hype.

rapid rewriter review

=> Rapid Rewriter - Get 100% Unique Content Fast...

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rapid rewriter bonus and review

Rapid Rewriter Bonus #1: "110,000+ MEGA Article Pack"

Value: $497

Don't Have Time to Write Your Own Articles? Simply Use Our Pre-Written Articles For ANY Niche!

"Edit Your Articles With Rapid Rewriter for 100% Unique Content Instantly"

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Contains over 110,000 articles that can be spun immediately with some simple tweaks.

You would normally have to pay people around $5 per article during outsourcing.

Ready written articles in almost any imaginable niches!

Even at a price of $0.02 per article, this entire package would still cost you thousands of dollars.

Add, edit and delete anything in the articles to suit your article posting in Rapid Rewriter

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Rapid Rewriter Bonus #2: "Rapid Article Profits"

Value: $47

Fed Up Of Struggling To Write An Article In An Hour?

"Step By Step Guide Shows You How To Write TEN High Quality Articles In An Hour Every Hour Without Fail!"

rapide article writer 

The Rapid Article Profits program reveals in step by step format exactly how to write ten articles an hour easily, even if you have never written an article before! In fact, if you are someone who has struggled to write articles then this program is going to change your life, seriously!

You'll find out how you can easily write articles and massively increase your profits from it in our series of step by step video course.

You get this exclusive $47 product FREE if you order Rapid Rewriter Today! 

 Rapid Rewriter Bonus #3: "Article Analyzer"

Value: $47

Get More FREE Search Engine Traffic From Your Content By Instantly Analyzing Its Keyword Density With A Few Clicks!

"Get More Targeted Search Engine Traffic With Articles Optimized To Give You Prized Rankings That Pour In Sales"


Article Analyzer Software will assist you to ensure the quality of your article content before posting or publishing. Using this superb tool you can check for Keyword Density in varying degree, Keyword Scattering Analysis with Keyword Density Map. U

sing this software, you will be able to modify your Article for consistent Keyword density across different levels. This will show the various search engines that your article uses a natural language and content and is not manipulated using any script.

You get this exclusive $47 product FREE if you order Rapid Rewriter Today! 

Rapid Rewriter Bonus #4: "Fiverr Outsourcing Secrets"

Value: $47

How to Expand  Your Business Growth by Outsourcing Your Tedious Tasks to Freelancers For Only 5 Bucks Each...Starting Today!

"This isn't just another video on theory, it's taken from true results..."


fiverr outsource rapid rewriter review

Fiverr Outsourcing Secrets will show you how to outsource correctly, by hiring the right freelancers on Fiverr. There are tons of people you "could" hire, but to be truthful, a lot of them aren't the ones you want to hire. In fact, a lot of them will just waste your time.

Think about it, if you are running your whole business, it can only grow so much. By hiring or duplicating yourself, you can expand and grow your business.The positives are, you can focus on the core activities, such as running your business, and give the tedious tasks to your freelancers.

If done correctly, you will have savings and reduce overheads. This step by step, 9 part video series, takes you by the hand and shows you how to correctly outsource your business tasks using Fiverr.

You get this exclusive $47 product FREE if you order Rapid Rewriter Today! 

 Rapid Rewriter Bonus #5 : "Article Marketing Secret Tips"

Value: $27

Are Your High Quality Articles Generating Only a Few Leads a Day? Do You Feel That Your Online Business Has Become a Liability For You?

"Learn some easy-to-implement article marketing tips and convert your online business into a dollar-churning machine"

article marketing secret

Enhance your credibility by having back links from other websites and a large number of article directories

A research by the NPD Group said that the top 30 websites on a search engine result page (SERP) attracts 90% of the total traffic and the top 10 results enjoy 80% of the former figure! So, get listed on the first page of Google and enjoy millions of visits

Do not remain dependent on SEO companies to generate revenues for you. Plan your SEO strategies that work best for your online business.

Learn the best practices to use article directories for external links and keep the complete share of profits

Increase your visibility and become the industry leader

Use the right bait and draw qualified traffic to your website

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rapid rewriter bonus and review 

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