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Increasingly, social media marketing is becoming more sophisticated, but so are the businesses that utilize them.

Most small businesses are now fully aware that interacting with and engaging customers is the basis for social marketing, and they’ve devised ways to best leverage online tools to establish an online community. However, majority don’t have a clue as to what to do after that.

The following are social media marketing strategies for small businesses that may already have an existing online community or understand how to establish an online presence but don’t know where to go after that.

Use of Multimedia

The phrase ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ could never be truer when it comes to media usage. Many people are now searching for pictures and videos of products online. They want to see what they hope to buy. Fortunately, most companies can easily create videos and product images and publish online.

You will want to leverage the power of video in explaining complicated how-tos. Even the most beautifully written article can never match a step-by-step video tutorial. So use multimedia to show that you care about your customers and to make your company appear friendlier.

Combine online and offline advertising

Most small businesses do some kind of offline advertising, be it radio, cable or print. With social media marketing, a business can be able to extent its offline sales pitch. When you include your Blog URL or social network page in your offline adverts, it acts as social proof. People will be more confident in your business and more willing to join your online community. In turn, your conversion rates will increase.

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Message adaptation

As the use of social media by businesses becomes more sophisticated, they start utilizing more online platforms. The problem is that most convey the same message over numerous platforms rather than tailor communications for individual websites.

Each social platform has its own ecosystem. What may be permissible of Facebook may be considered spam on Tumblr. A particular style of writing might spread on Twitter but fail on FriendFeed. You need to understand that each platform is different and then customize every message for the respective sites.

Local social networks, outside Yelp

Local search is definitely a big win for a small business because most people find it easier to deal with a business in their locality. So, ensure that you list your business in local directories so that customers can easily find you. However, it can be difficult sometimes to locate such sites.

You might first want to check where your competitors are listed. Search their inbound links to find business directories you can add yourself to. Include as much information as you can and update old news items.

Discounts and contests

Establishing an online community is only the first part of social marketing. The true power of social media is to use that community to propagate marketing and increase sales.

Do something to create some kind of contest within your community or offer a special discount as these are great ways to excite potential customers. Ensure to include some kind of virality or marketing in your social media contests as winning criteria.

On the whole, creating a social media presence is the easier part. Getting your community to take action is a different story. These strategies will help you market effectively and increase your conversion rates, thus increased sales.

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Social Media Marketing Strategies | Social Media Marketing Tactics:

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Social Media Marketing Strategies | Social Media Marketing Tactics

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