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Secrets to Twitter Success

I'll bet a fail whale that I'm not the first person to talk to you about marketing on Twitter. The little social network that could has turned into a world-wide force with more than 80 million members and lofty expectations from its creators of hundreds of millions more in the next 2 years.

But, for marketers, Twitter has remained something of an enigma thus far. It's not easy to excel with something that is completely new and that everyone seems to view in a different way.

Finding the best method to turn your 140 character tweets into an affiliate marketing strategy isn't a cake walk.

And whenever you think you've figured it out, things get a little choppy as Twitter changes its marketing rules. So, instead of showing you how to "sell" on Twitter, I want to show you exactly how to write for the medium that didn't exist three years ago.

What Twitter Followers Want to Read

Step one, find out what your readers want. Then write it. There are two major search tools on Twitter - hash tags (anything that starts with #) and user searches. The latter is limited to your 160 character bio and your recent tweets, but the hash tags will help you keyword orient your tweets.

So, instead of just tweeting random things, start doing some searches and see what hashes are currently trending. Use the search engine that appears on the home page when you're not logged in and look for your niche. Find users that are big in your niche and make lists of the advice and links they post.

If you have a good eye for what they're writing, you'll be able to start replicating it pretty quickly. In addition to researching through Twitter search, start optimizing your tweets for it. Take the following generic tweet for example:


"Get your dog to act better around the house"

Now, compare it to this hash mark enabled post:

"The secrets to #dogtraining for indoor behaviour problems"

What you just did was highlight dog training. Now, anyone that searches for dog training in the search engine or the trending pages will see your tweet.

Writing for the Viral Audience

Twitter is the quintessential viral medium. If you want anything to be popular, it needs to be spread, and on Twitter, one well written post can be reposted by a thousand different people in minutes. Trust me - other Twitter users want solid posts too. They'll take whatever they can find.

But, actually writing fresh, exciting tweets that capture attention is not as easy as it sounds. You need to tap into a few different things. I like to think there are three ways to do this.

1. Offer Value - Make sure every tweet has a link, a thought, a quote; something others can find value in.

2. Support Tweets - Don't just write a thought you have with no backup. Use links to your blog posts or other sites to support whatever you have to say.

3. Be Yourself - Let your personality bleed through. Tell jokes, be quirky, and display energy in every tweet to ensure other people are interested in everything you have to say.

Tweeting is not an exact science. I could try to tell you how to reach the top of Twitter or the best ways to best ultilize Twitter, but I'd probably be wrong, because what works for one niche may not work for another.

But, if you write about what people are interested in, be yourself and always engage your readers in a way that will ensure universal interest, you'll do much better than anyone else in your niche. Remember to apply these twitter marketing strategies the next time you log on to twitter and use them to your advantage to get repeat visitors to your website.

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