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Passive Profit Portals Review & Bonuses

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review of passive profits portalsPassive Profit Portals is a new internet marketing tool designed by Chris Freville.

According to the designer, the tool has been designed to assist internet marketers to draw as much targeted traffic as possible.

More importantly, this it has been designed in such a way as to elude the ‘Google slap’. But does Passive Profit Portals deliver on its promise? We’ll discuss its features below.

The brain behind Passive Profit Portals

Chris Freville is a seasoned internet marketer with several years of experience in marketing. Some of his popular works include Auto Cash Funnel and Internet Marketing Empire. On top of that, Chris’ mentor was Frank Kern, one of the most successful internet marketers ever. Chris Freville believes in sharing his immense knowledge about web traffic and he has manifested that in his products, with Passive Profit Portals being no different.

What you will find in Passive Profit Portals

Firstly, you will get thorough training in form of PDF guides in the following:

• Getting started – this is an introduction that gives you a sneak-peek of the details inside the system. You get the low down on the working of the system.

• The Passive Profit Portals guide – here, you are guided on the installation of the main WordPress plug-in, which can be accomplished within minutes. This powerful plug-in enables you to automatically submit your rich content to your blogs.

• Universal portal guide – this piece of software is a standalone package that enables you to find similar content from sites like Google, YouTube, Blog posts and Twitter updates. You can then re-write this content for uniqueness.

• Videos on fundamental blogging – this is especially useful for a newbie. You are basically taken through the basics of setting up your Passive Profit Portals blog for the first time. You can expect to learn the following: setting up your blog, the basics of blogging, different blogging themes, Plugins, auto-responders and social networking (facebook).

• Portal traffic attractor guide – this will show you how to search multiple blogs based on keywords, number of comments written on a post, extensions for domains, and page rank. You then learn how to automatically post a comment linking back to your website or blog, which gives you exposure, hence more traffic and page rank.

• Portal mass distributor – this is a WordPress plug-in that publishes your new posts automatically to several websites with high page rank. These include: Twitter, Blogger, blogs hosted by WordPress, Posterous, Xanga, Tumblr, Plurk, Multiply, Identica, and Publr.

Then the software tools include:

• WordPress plug-in for Passive Profit Portals

• A Universal Portal Builder

• Portal Mass Distributor WordPress Plug-in

• Portal Traffic Attractor

As you can realize, Passive Profit Portals is not just a piece of software, it is a collection of powerful tools that can help increase your exposure and web presence.

However, this is a tool and despite its capabilities, it is really up to you to make it work for you and get the results you want. Merely purchasing a product doesn’t guarantee instant success.

passove profit portals review

Check out his revolutionary software here... Passive Profit Portals

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1) Affiliate Marketing 101 - Retail Value $47

2) Mass Video Formula - Retail Value $67

3) Social Media Traffic Takeover System - Retail Price $47

4) Quick Cash Mastery - Retail Price $47

5) Technical Aspects of Your Business to Dominate Clickbank - Retail Price $27

6) The Unstoppable Internet Entreprenuer Mindset - Retail Price $27

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passive profit portals bonus

Passive Profit Portals Bonus #1: "Affiliate Marketing 101"

Value: $47

Here's How You Can Profit From Promoting Other People's Products That Earn You Affiliate Commissions With These Step-By-Step Video Tutorials

"How To Earn From Promoting Other People's Products" 

affiliate marketing 101

This step by step video course will...

  • Walk you through the introduction of affiliate marketing. It also shows you where to find products to promote.
  • Show you how to use article marketing to promote affiliate programs.
  • Show you how to use autoresponder messages to pre-sell affiliate programs to your list of subscribers.
  • Walk you through on how to use product review templates to pre-sell and promote affiliate programs effectively.

You get this exclusive $47 product FREE if you order Passive Profit Portals Today! 

Passive Profit Portals Bonus #2: "Mass Video Formula"

Value: $67

“Boost Your Web Traffic, Skyrocket Your Popularity & Grab unparamount Publicity For Next-To-Nothing With Simple Short Videos!"

"The Future Is Already Here... With The Emergence Of Video Streaming, You CANNOT Afford To Miss Out On This Exponentially Growing Opportunity..."

mass video formula 

Here's a more detailed look at my step-by-step course:

- You'll learn why you should include it in your marketing campaigns and the massive effect of traffic it can have on your websites.

- Next we take a look at keyword research, the strength of your competition and the types of backlinks you can and should acquire to rank your videos to the top of the search results. This is a key ingredient to making a successful video!

- The best videos are the ones that go viral and continue to bring in traffic years after you've released it. We'll take an in-depth look at the characteristics of these videos including case studies on videos that have over a million views.

- Won't be going through step by step on how to use create a video with camtasia, etc, but I'll be giving a walkthrough on the equipments, tools and software they'll be needing.

- Search engine optimization stuff on youtube so that people can find your video easily on the Google and video directory search results.

- The art of leveraging on video informercials to promote products you create or affiliate for, and optimize your conversion rates!

- How to mass distribute your video for maximum exposure. Using tools like Tubemogul, traffic geyser, using videos for sales letter, affiliates embed, etc.

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 Passive Profit Portals Bonus #3: "Social Media Traffic Takeover System"

Value: $47

Who Else Wants to Tap into the Social Media Revolution And Make Huge Profits With Your Own Social Media Traffic Takeover System?

"Learn to leverage the power of high traffic social media sites!"

social traffic takeover

What's inside this special video training system?

  • In this kick a** video series, you will discover how you can get started with generating traffic from the most high trafficked social media sites.!
  • Learn how to get started with generating targeted traffic from Facebook. Facebook is the largest site on the internet today with over 600 million members and growing daily
  • How to generate targted traffic from Twitter. Learn how to market your product or service in 140 characters or less!
  • Squidoo Lense Traffic. You'll discover what a Squidoo Lense and why you should be creating them. Squidoo Is Back !
  • Social Bookmarking to increase website traffic. Sharing the love to increase your web traffic can be push button easy
  • "The Big 4" top social bookmarking sites you need to use
  • 3 "Surefire Steps" to make the most out of social bookmarking
  • And much, much more...

You get this exclusive $47 product FREE if you order Passive Profit Portals Today! 

Passive Profit Portals Bonus #4: "Quick Cash Mastery"

Value: $47

My "Secret" Blueprint Will Reveal ALL The Secrets You Need to Start Generating Fast Cash Online

"The Average Internet Marketer Only Lasts a Few Months Before Quitting. You Don't Have to Be Like That..."

quick cash mastery  

Here's what the course consists of:

  • 7 Simplified step-by-step strategies that generates $100 to $500 with just a few hours of work
  • How your personal skills can be used to bring in cash any minute of the day!
  • My “secret” personal formula, guaranteeing cash in your pocket every time.
  • How you can turn your old, never used PLR products into a traffic-generating, profit producing funnel.
  • How the largest online marketplace can still be your #1 stop to quick cash
  • The secret on how the Gurus are able to make 5 or even 6 figures while you are struggling to make a single sale.
  • Where to find untouched markets full of eager buyers ready to jump at your latest offers.
  • How you can optimize not only your attitude towards making money online but how you can use it to your advantage
  • How you can land multiple clients without spending a dime on advertising.
  • And much much more...

You get this exclusive $47 product FREE if you order Passive Profit Portals Today!  

Passive Profit Portals Bonus #5: "Technical Aspects of Your Business to Dominate Clickbank"

Value: $27

Absolutely Everything You Need To Know To Master Clickbank And Be A Success Right At Your Fingertips!

"Creating an Online Business Has Never Been Easier..."

technical aspect to clickbank domination

Here's a quick breakdown of the book...

  • Chapter 1: Should You Use a Site or Blog (WordPress)?
  • Chapter 2: How to Register a Domain Name
  • Chapter 3: How to Choose a Hosting Company
  • Chapter 4: How to Setup a WordPress Blog (Using Fantastico)
  • Chapter 5: Simple HTML Programming Tips

You get this exclusive $27 product FREE if you order Passive Profit Portals Today! 

 Passive Profit Portals #6: "The Unstoppable Internet Entreprenuer Mindset"

Value: $27

internet mindset

Internet Marketers are more than just fly by night individuals. Gone are the days of making that quick buck and running from one location to another under a 'pet' name. It's time to learn the art of building a long term business the right way!

  • Chapter 1: Creating the Mindset for Your Internet Business
  • Chapter 2: Your Internet Business - How Far Can It Take You?
  • Chapter 3: Unleashing the Power of the Law of Attraction on Your Internet Business
  • Chapter 4: Looking for the Right Business Opportunity
  • Chapter 5: Internet Business - Preliminary Steps
  • Chapter 6: Taking Your Internet Business Forward with Social Networking
  • Chapter 7: When You Love Your Work, You Don't Work Anymore
  • Chapter 8: Balancing Personal and Professional Life
  • Chapter 9: Taking Second Chances - When Primary Efforts Fail
  • Chapter 10: What to Do When Your Internet Business Becomes a Success

You get this exclusive $27 product FREE if you order Passive Profit Portals Today! 

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