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5 Tips on Using Facebook to Drive Traffic to Your Sites

Online businessmen are looking for ways to advertise their products and services. However, some advertising methods require people to pay.

If you want to save more money and make advertisements effectively, you should consider using facebook.

5 tips on using facebook to drive traffic to your site

Create an attractive fan page. This is the first thing you should do to entice more customers to go to your webpage. Keep in mind that there are many fan pages on Facebook.

This is why you should consider making an attractive fan page. Include pictures for your emblem and be specific with your name page. Be careful in making a fan page so that you can easily draw people to subscribe.

Suggest your page to your friends. This is applicable once you have created your own page on Facebook. If you are a person with lots of friends on facebook, you’ll have better chances to get lots of subscribers. So click the “suggest to friends” tool and invite people to browse your page. Be sure that your page is open for all people so that you can easily populate your subscribers.

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Add links to your web page. This is one of the 5 tips on using facebook to drive traffic to your site. After creating a page, you should submit links along with the info of your page. But be sure not to overdo placing links on your website because some customers might think that you’re all about business.

Build your credibility. Building trust and credibility using facebook pages can be effective in driving traffic to your site. There are some pages on facebook that doesn’t bring any help to anyone. Do not put irrelevant posts on your page, as this will only irritate your subscribers. Just make relevant posts and you’ll find more and more people subscribing on your page.

Do not promote too much. There are many fan pages that promotes their products and services. There is nothing wrong about it. However, you might get a bad impression to your customers when you always promote your business. If you want to effectively promote your website, do not put too much effort.

These are the 5 tips on using facebook to drive traffic to your site. Be sure to consider these tips so that you can promote the products and services of your website. Once you know how to promote your product with social mediate marketing, it will be much easier to establish your business.


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