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LinkedIn Strategies for Business Success

LinkedIn is a social networking website aimed at connecting professionals and businesses. For professionals, it’s a great place to connect to potential employers and showcase your skills and experience. So it’s essentially some sort of always-accessible online resume.

It goes beyond a mere resume though. It puts you in touch with your peers in the same profession as well as others from different professions.

If you’re a business minded professional, you can use LinkedIn intelligently to thrust your business to the next level using social media marketing tactics.

In this article, we’ll look at a few strategies to use on LinkedIn for business success.

Request for Recommendations Often

Surprisingly, a lot of people on LinkedIn only have a few recommendations. It’s the reason why if a person check out your profile and sees 20 recommendations, they are automatically going to imagine you have something special or that your skill set is exceptional.

It’s not hard to get a recommendation on LinkedIn. Any registered member can give you a recommendation. Just make it a point to ask for recommendations from whoever you can, be it co-workers, business partners, clients, etc.

Recommendations give your profile a lot of weight and prospect business partners or clients will not hesitate to do business with you.

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Add your Past Contacts

You may be missing a lot of opportunities because you have not added your past contacts. Your former colleagues, past partners, and past employers may have valuable information or business contacts that might be hard to find at present.

Therefore search through your old email addresses, old phone books and find people that might not be on your LinkedIn network.

Always Keep Your Profile Up-to-Date

Not so many people use LinkedIn on a daily basis. Some people use it when searching for a new job or a job change. Others only use the website when looking to hire new people or find clients. So, many people’s profiles stagnate during those ‘off’ periods. There are basically no new connections made, no recommendation requests and certainly no new workplaces added.

In this digital age, you cannot afford to keep your online profile stale because you could, unfortunately, meet a business prospect who decides to get more details about you by looking you up on LinkedIn.

If your profile is old and stale, they will assume you don’t have important connections, you’re less experienced or less skilled than you claim to be.

Therefore, it’s important to always keep your LinkedIn profile up to date if you have business ambitions. Even if you’re not using it that much at this particular time, update it at least every month. Remember, it’s your public resume.

Look for New Contacts

LinkedIn’s search feature allows you to search for and view friends with whom you’re two degrees apart. Put simply, if Peter knows Sam, who knows Jude, and you want to connect with Jude, this can come up in a search.

Therefore, you may have more connections than is apparent to you. You could just be two degrees of separation away from potential clients, business associates, mentors, and other people with great ideas.

To sum up, spruce up your profile on LinkedIn by asking for recommendations, adding new contacts, keeping it updated and using the search tool to connect to prospects, and then you will be met with dozens of business opportunities.

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