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Proven Twitter List Building Strategies To Promote Your Online Business

If you run an online business, a Twitter list can be one of the most formidable tools in your online business promotions arsenal.

The social networking site has grown in leaps and bounds and is now an integral part of any serious social media marketing strategy.

Twitter realized the enormous potential it holds for both small and large businesses. In that regard, the social networking website launched an overhauled online business center a little over a year ago.

Despite the immense popularity of Twitter, some of its powerful features, such as ‘Lists’, are not used to their full potential, particularly by the business user fraternity. In this article, we will take a look at one of the lesser known method of marketing your website using twitter.

The ‘Lists’ feature on Twitter has been around since November 2009 and it allows users to organize their feeds through groups. It may seem trivial but the List feature is a very valuable feature for any online business promotion campaign, specifically involving social media.

Why List Building is Vital For Business Users

The community building aspect of social networks like Twitter is what helps them flourish. As a business user, you’ll find that segregating your followers into various communities (such as business partners, clients, potential customers, and other followers) makes your promotion campaigns much easier as it allows for targeting a promotion campaign to a particular community. Through Twitter’s ‘List’ feature, you get a finer level of access control to your followers.

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Creating Responsive Lists

Creating a list is fairly simple but as a business user, your objective is to create a responsive list because if you’re going to promote your online business with a Twitter list, you will want your followers to be responsive.

In fact, creating a responsive Twitter list is the most powerful strategy for your online promotion campaigns. It’s the most important thing from a business perspective. A ‘dead’ list is of no use at all for your business.

Unfortunately, majority of business users focus on getting more followers on their list, rather than getting those followers to be more active. It is absolutely useless to have one million followers on your list when only 2 percent are responsive.

The number one secret to creating a highly responsive list is to listen. Do not announce what you want to offer, people will ignore you. You want followers who are networked with you, who are engaged and active. Don’t make it about you. Give your followers value and then fortune will come your way.

As your followers actively engage with you, soon their needs will become apparent. Focus on how you can be of assistance in fulfilling their needs. You don’t need to be direct all the time, but you must position yourself as someone who has exactly what they need. Make them see that they can get ‘results’ to their problem when they interact with you more.

Your aim should be to focus your goals, service and business on a specific niche of followers with solutions that they’ve already been seeking. It’s a waste of time and energy to go through tons of followers searching for the right clients.

Twitter list building strategies are not anything complicated. Just focus on getting followers on your list who will be active and your online business promotion will produce real results.



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