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Tips For Creating Effective Screencasts

Many individuals and businesses are increasingly making use of screencasts to provide online training as well as sell products via online marketing.

It perfectly makes sense. On top of selling well, screencasts are great for people who learn better with video presentations.

Regardless of the type of screencast you want to create – be it a presentation, tutorial or a video comprising a few instructions – the most important thing is to be professional while doing things.

Once your audience notice any slight indication of unprofessionalism in your recordings, they are likely not to take you seriously.

Therefore it’s important to know how to go about creating an effective screencast. Here’s how.

Keep the noise at minimum. One of the most irritating things about poor quality screencasts is the unnecessary background noise that makes it hard for you to make out what the host is trying to say.

In fact, the most annoying thing is trying to figure out what the presenter is saying when you’re trying to follow a tutorial. Thus, when making your recording, it’s important for you to identify things that could cause noise and interference and move them to another place.

You cannot create a screencast that is anything near professional when the kids are screaming, the phone is ringing and the dogs are barking in the background. Preferably, you should identify a place that is secluded where you should record your screencast.


Fine, you might have a microphone that dampens background noise but it ultimately pays to go the extra mile. In addition, try to put all your focus on the recording you’re creating, meaning that all distractions should be avoided.

Concentrate on your needs. There’s good reason why audience is watching your screencast; they expect to learn something new or want to learn how to do a particular thing. If you want to make your screencast effective, you have to know what your audience is looking for o that you can give them just that.

Depending on your niche market, your audience will have at least one particular issue you should aim at solving with your presentation. Unless you give your viewers material that is pertinent to them, they will never be interested in your presentations. If you’re creating a video about something you’re conversant with, you shouldn’t have any problem identifying what your audience wants.

Before you release your screencast, ensure it is edited. Even if your run was a s ‘clean’ as can be, there are always a few small things you can fix. However, these are not the types of errors you’ll easily notice unless you’re scrutinizing the screencast very carefully.

You’ll realize that it’s a valuable thing to have someone you trust look through your recording and provide some useful criticism, some sort of review. One thing about a fresh pair of eyes is that they can easily spot the things that you missed.

With this kind of dedication and consistency, you will produce screencasts that are not only effective but also gets rave reviews. Focus on the basics and create a strong foundation for your screencast.

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