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How To Use Myspace To Make Website Traffic

Applauded as one of the top five social networking websites, MySpace provides you with a unique opportunity to direct traffic to your website.

With over 30 million active monthly users, you cannot afford exclude Myspace in your social media marketing arsenal.

To start driving Myspace traffic to your website, you first need to set up your profile on the social networking site. It simply entails submitting your personal details (name, date of birth and email address).

When you’ve submitted your details for registration, your profile will be created, and it is this profile that you should use to drive traffic off the social networking site to your website or squeeze page where you can get their name and email address.

A great way to attract people to your profile page is to offer a free download to an e-course or another informational product related to your niche market. Then if your profile viewers want to download the free offer, direct them to a link on your Myspace profile page that takes them to your squeeze page away from Myspace.

When your profile is fully set up, you will want to add as many friends as possible. Simply search for friends using your target keywords, for instance, if you’re promoting an online marketing tool, your search should focus on friends with the word marketing in their profiles.

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Aim at finding friends in your niche market and add them to your friend’s list. Desist from using an automated friend finder otherwise your account will be deleted and all your efforts will go down the drain.

Once your friends list has taken shape, what you want to do next is to post a comment to their profile. You can place a link back to your website if HTML is allowed on your friend’s profile.

As you add more friends and comment on their profiles, you should now focus on keeping your Myspace blog up to date. While doing this, be sure to give your Myspace blog a lot of publicity on the web by submitting it to RSS directories, in addition to adding rich content so that people are convinced your products are worth their time and money.

There are dozens of Myspace groups and forums you will want to check out. When dealing with groups, keep one thing in mind: a group leader yields a lot of power. If you can find a way of building a connection with a group leader and convince them that your products are of high quality, then you will get a ton of potential customers from Myspace groups and eventually increase your sales.

Do not spam when discussing in forums or you will be digging your own grave. Likewise, watch out for forums that are laden with spam.

Then finally, think about posting classified ads to drive free traffic from Myspace to your website. As with any other classifieds you post, create an interesting, catchy headline. For instance, this might be a catchy headline: ‘Learn How To Earn $200 a Day Writing Content’.

Follow these Myspace tips and see your website traffic shoot through the roof.

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