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Establishing Personal Online Brand through Blogging Via Social Media

Every business has got a brand. An individual too has a brand, be it a freelancer or a website owner. In many ways, a personal brand and your reputation are one and the same.

It is basically the perception that other people have of you. what are your values? What are the things you stand for? Are you a trusted individual? What picture does one get in their mind when your name is mentioned?

If you’ve been doing online business for a while, you probably have a personal brand by now. It is that brand that helps people recognize you, your business, what you sell, what they can expect and what your business is about.

However, your personal brand might be weak and fragmented. The tips and tools explained below can help you establish or re-invigorate your personal online brand through blogging via social media.

Run a blog or website that is all about you. Regardless of whether it is among your top priorities, a personal blog is one of the best places that people can use to build a stronger personal connection with you.

Gina Trapani offers a good example here. Notably, she is well known as a top editor of one of the most popular blogs, Lifehacker, but created her own blog Smarterware probably to boost her own personal brand.


Endeavor to help people get to know the person behind the work they enjoy. Every post of yours should include a mini-bio at the end. Take some time to portray your ideal personal brand in your ‘About’ page. If you use this page compellingly, you will get people glued to your website or blog for a long time.

Concentrate on subjects where you have a lot to say or value to add each day. You will want to avoid agreeing with people all the time as this only serves to build their personal brand, not yours.

Ponder the most important topic you can discuss and become known for that. Note that it has to be something new, different or at least something old but with a new approach. The truth is that most people simply approach old things in a new, exciting way.

Keep things fresh. You need to keep adding layers to your brand, otherwise you risk becoming repetitive. It’s not feasible to ride on a single idea forever so keep refreshing what you represent.

On any occasion, never do or say something hypocritical. When you do something that is in disagreement with what you advocate for, you risk damaging your brand forever. You cannot fail in your area of expertise. Even if you do, don’t let people know. You can blunder in new areas because you’re not an authority in those areas.

That’s the distinction between when you need and need not discuss your failures. The only exception is when it is beyond your control and your blunders become public. If this happens, explain things rather than trying to avoid the whole issue.

Finally, get people to talk about your brand. Every time you interact with someone, or don’t interact for that matter, think about your personal brand. Think about the impression you’ll leave with them.

If you cannot personally respond to each and every email or tweet, make this part of your personal brand so that people get to know it and thus, they will not be expecting something different. When you let people know that you intend to behave in a certain way, they will not be upset when you do.


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