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Hallmarks of a Good Podcast

There are quite many things that make a podcast really stand out. The following are the hallmarks of a good podcast.

Recording Quality – The most vital aspect of a good podcast is probably the recording quality. It goes without saying that a good podcast is one that is easy to understand, and for a podcast to be easily understood, it needs to have excellent recording quality.

The recording volume level should be audible enough for listeners to make out what’s being played without straining so hard.

Sound Balance – Adding background music enhances a podcast but care should be taken not to overdo it, otherwise the main content may be suppressed. Just make the background music subtle so that it doesn’t distract the listener.

There should be a perfect balance that does not compromise the quality of the podcast. When you don’t get the balance right, you may easily make the background music the focal point of the recording. Unless your podcast is discussing that particular music, you should focus on the main content of the podcast.

Voice Variations – Vary your voice to depict emotions and feelings. Using a monotone doesn’t reflect any feelings and as such, will not evoke any. It will seem like a drone that rambles on and on. Be passionate and expressive with your voice because that’s what listener’s want. It will show that the narrator has real interest in what they are saying.

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Ramblings – If the podcast’s content is mainly an audio dialogue, stay on point and avoid rambling. No one wants to listen to the same thing over and over, so make your point and move on to the next thing.

Vibrant – One of the best qualities of an excellent podcast is being able to properly articulate personality. Therefore, make your podcast vibrant and engaging and let your personality show.

Structure – A podcast that is structured includes timing for intervals, as each of the various sections is important. Make a structure and format for podcast shows and use it throughout.

Editing – It’s important to edit the audio file and eliminate the parts that are not polished. Additionally, any unnecessary background noise or content that is not professionally recorded should be removed.

Consistency – It’s also very important to have consistency in your podcast shows from week to week. Based on previous shows, subscribers will have expectations of your subsequent shows. Therefore, ensure that you do not stray too much from the theme of your original podcasts. Stick to a theme and work to build and refresh it over time.

Testing – Endeavor to test your podcast after you’ve uploaded the file. Testing ensures that there are no spelling issues in the URLs or other unforeseen problems.

Be a Subscriber too – Finally, make sure you subscribe to your own podcast. It helps you be your own listener so that you get the same experience that your listeners get. Often, it is an eye opener because you will be able to self-critique.

So there you go. If you’re going to start podcasting soon, make sure you keep these tips in mind as you create your podcasts.




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