Internet Marketing Strategies And Tips

How To Use Viral Marketing Services To Your Advantages

The internet is the most widely used form of media. This makes viral marketing one of the most effective forms of advertising.

Prior to the internet explosion, this form of marketing would simply be known as ‘word of mouth’, where you get your message across by having your own customers spread it for you.

Why Viral Marketing?

A number of studies have shown that if a customer is happy with a product or service, they are more likely to tell a friend and a few close people.

On the other hand, a person will try to discourage as many people as they can if they had a bad experience. Now, given that messages travel faster over the internet, you will not want your customers to have a bad experience.

You will be more careful with the message you put out there because whatever you put out there will spread and spread pretty fast, be it a good message or a bad one.

Viral marketing is exactly like the name – advertising that works the same way as a virus. For instance, it can be as simple as a message attachment in an email. As the email is forwarded form one person to another, so is the message. With just a few clicks, a well placed message can reach millions of people.

During the early days of Hotmail (for those that remember), you could only get an account if you received a link from a friend. Everyone wanted to get an email account and email spread like wild fire. Your advertising budget may be limited but that doesn’t mean there is nothing you can do to try viral marketing.


Basic Features

You need a few essential features to be able to tap into the full potential of viral marketing – a free service or product that can be transferred to other people using the communication networks in place.

This type of service or product should be one that can make the most of people’s emotions and natural characteristics. Favorite examples of such products include free tools, how-to-guides, widgets, quizzes, badges and educational guides.

You’ll find that most times, the word FREE is the best way to draw people’s attention; nothing quite does it like that word. By creating viral free guides, free tools, free trials and so forth, can easily get you noticed by a potential customer.

You could also offer rewards. One of the best ways to ensure that your message spreads like a virus is to reward loyal customers with discounts, coupons and percentage rebates for future purchases.

Know Your Customers

If you know and understand your customers a little better, then you will know what motivates them to spread word about you. this makes your viral marketing more successful. Therefore, find ways of tracking and analyzing these things. What’s going to motivate a busy working mother to, first of all, get interested in your message and then pass that message along to other people?

Your marketing will be extremely effective if you can understand who your customers are. Make use of surveys and questionnaires to know how they feel and what they want.

The internet can help you easily reach a wider market base but the basic marketing principles still apply. Incorporate them in your viral marketing campaigns to achieve maximum success rates.

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