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How to Create Viral 7-20 Page Reports

Creating reports is not rocket science. Like most skills, getting the principles plus a little intuition is what matters. Anyone can compile and write a report about something.

Even a high school graduate can easily make a few bucks by putting together a 7 to 20 page report. A couple of big names on the internet have sold 15-page report for a whole $150.

A report is nothing more than a flow of thoughts summarized in a concise format that’s easy to read and interpret.

It basically entails compiling thoughts on a particular topic and then jotting down the points in report format. The standard length of your report should be around 15 pages, and you can sell your report at a reasonable price.

In a matter of just days, you can create a good report of about 7 to 20 pages that you could easily sell at a good price. A couple of internet experts have had success selling 15-page reports at a good price, some without any viral mechanism.

Not everyone can achieve such a feat but at least it shows the potential that lies in reports. To create reports that will keep increasing your bank account long after you wrote them, you need to make them viral.

Here are a few secrets of creating viral reports which are simple to follow:

You can apply various ways to make a viral report. You can use transcription, which is converting an audio recording into a report or an eBook, and selling it cheaply. Tele-seminars are usually pricey to attend so majority of people shun them in favour of transcribed reports.

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Alternatively, you can create a report from a compilation of newsletters and articles gathered over time, especially if you’re creating series. For instance, if you gathered a series on a particular topic, you could put it together, touch it up a bit, make an attractive sales page for it with lots of cool graphics and likable features and then sell it off for less than $15 each or give it away when you build an opt-in list.

Here, you will not spend a lot of time and effort creating the report so you’ll have time to make an effecting sales and marketing campaign. Thus, if you are new in the field of creating viral reports, you get to the expert level.

Another way of creating a viral report is by establishing what the most asked issues are, like what’s pressing people most at that particular time, after which you can research about those issues and compile solutions in a well written report. For instance, in these hard pressing economic times, it would be worthwhile writing about simple financial solutions people can adopt to go sail through comfortably.

This method can be highly rewarding in terms of report sales. What you want to avoid are complicated solutions that people cannot start imagining how to incorporate in their daily lives. You can sell a 15 page report at any price above $20 and expect fast and generous returns.

Some very profitable subjects include: allergies in children, affiliate marketing tips, how to earn extra income, DIY home projects, ridding your pet of fleas, among others. If you compile an informative and instructional report with concrete yet simple solutions, be sure to rake in a fortune because, even though they seem like common problems, they almost never entirely get solid solutions, or if there, they are too many and confusing to understand what really works.

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