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Turbo Charged Productivity Tips

What's the number one thing that beginning affiliate marketers (along with a handful of veterans) do wrong? Procrastination. And even those that don't procrastinate may have bad habits that lead to poor productivity and a general waste of time.

Remember, if you're not working on a tangible project that can lead to a profit, you're not being productive.

Reading a new marketing how-to guide, or spending three hours in your email box do not count as productive activities.

So, for every marketer out there with a habit of finding anything to do other than their marketing tasks, here is a list of productivity boosting tips:

* Start Early and Plan Your Day

The first thing you should do is start waking up earlier and planning your day. If you are a night owl, that is fine too, but make sure you start your day comparatively early.

For example, if you wake up at 10-11am every day, don't start working at 9pm. Get your day started immediately when your brain is freshest and you have the most energy.

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In addition to getting going early, have a clear plan every morning for what you'll do with your time. A good rule of thumb that I've always followed is to outline the tasks I absolutely need to get done - tack on a time frame for that, and then give myself three times as much time to get them done.

This way, I ensure the necessary tasks are taken care of, and there is plenty of bonus time to work with.

* Minimize Time in Your Inbox

The biggest time sink I've seen for affiliate marketers is the email inbox. To avoid spending hours in your email, set aside specific times throughout the day to check your email. If you can get away with it, wait until your vital tasks are completed to check your messages for the first time.

Some marketers may only check their email once a day, writing out all responses at once. You'll be shocked by how much time you save.

* Stop Multi-tasking

Multi-tasking is a big part of every marketer's lifestyle, but consider whether it's actually working for you. Most of the time, multi-tasking can actually result in less getting done because you change what you're doing too much.

Focus on one task at a time and invest as much of yourself into it as you can. I find that when I do this, I get so much more done and the quality of work is much higher.


* Get Away from Distractions

Want to waste time? Then sit at home and try to work with your family running around you constantly. It may be a little sad, but if you cannot find a space in your home to get away, you may need to get an office or hit up the local Starbucks with your headphones. Whatever best relaxes you should be used to avoid distractions and focus on your work.

* Do What You Need to Do - The 50 Minute Rule

This is a cool thing I heard recently that says you should work 50 minutes and then take a 10 minute break. Sounds very simple, right? Well, it's not quite that easy.

First off, you'll be focusing on a single task for the whole 50 minutes, and you'll step away from the computer for the entire 10 minutes. It's not only good for your brain, giving it the break it needs, but it's good for your body, especially if you're on the computer 10+ hours a day.

Marketing is a task heavy endeavour. Even the simplest website has a dozen different things that need to be done. So, it's hard to narrow your focus, put aside distractions and get the real work done.

If you follow the above tips, you should be able to not only turbo charge your productivity, but hopefully get more out of the hours you spend working and feel happier with your output.

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