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How to Make Money on YouTube

Currently, there are several ways you can make money on YouTube. And while YouTube is not yet that much profitable, a few individuals have managed to rake in thousands of dollars a year from their videos.

Of course, it is not easy to realize success on YouTube instantly but the following tips will make it easier for you when you’ve just started uploading your content.

Create an account and choose a good YouTube channel name

The first thing to do in your quest to make money on YouTube is to create an account on the website. Now be careful not to just use any random name that comes to mind which no one will care to remember. It should be a unique name that’s easy to remember. Essentially, your username should be reflective of your future videos. Just put a little thought in it and you won’t have regrets later.

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Computer recordings or video camera?

The two ways you can use to make YouTube videos are either using a video camera, or by using your computer.

With a video camera, you can record the things in your everyday life or fun things that you think about in your mind. Several individuals have successful YouTube channels recording events in their lives.

You can also do things on your computer if you don’t want to use a video camera. How-to videos are the most popular type of video recorded this way. Be sure to install good recording software and you should have a fast computer.

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Create a great video – one that will go viral

The good thing with YouTube viewers is that they don’t have anything specific they like to watch. In fact, most viewers on YouTube are there to relax by watching funny, interesting videos that will make them laugh.

Some of the most popular videos contain things like puppies, fast cars, kittens, music (not stoles) and videos with great humor. If you happen to have a video close to this, then you might just be sitting on the next online viral. Just make sure your video is edited before you upload it – there’s a host of programs that can do this, such as Windows Movie Maker. Avoid too many effects.

Things to avoid include:

• Stolen content, things that you didn’t make or for which you have no permission to re-create.

• People that didn’t authorize you to include them in your video.

• Inappropriate content that cannot be viewed by children.

Write catchy titles that are easy to remember

When you’re done recording your video, think of a catchy title. After this, give a brief description of your video telling viewers what they should expect to see and also possible, include a link for more information, for instance to your website.

Boost number of views for your videos

If you ever want to make money on YouTube, consider ways of increasing the number of views. There will be nothing to monetize if no one’s viewing your videos. Sharing and social bookmarking your videos on social networks is one way to generate viewership.

Video Partnership with YouTube

When you manage to garner a few thousand views on your compliant video in a week, you might receive an email from them, with the line close to this: ‘Apply for revenue sharing for your video…’ This means that your video has made it into YouTube’s AdSense program.

When you accept that invitation, it will be one step closer to a YouTube partnership and while you will not make much money with one video, it opens you up to bigger things.

Full YouTube Partnership

The ultimate way to make money on YouTube is to become a full YouTube partner. Before applying, peruse their terms to ensure your videos comply. Make sure you upload regularly and that your videos get over one thousand views.

These steps should get you to a good start to making money on YouTube. It will all come down to how much work, effort and creativity you put in.




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