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7 Great Tips for a Super Email Subject Line

Of course, email marketing is huge, so let's dive in and take a closer look at what it can do for you.

It's no secret that email marketing is a cornerstone of every good affiliate marketing business. But, one thing that gets overlooked time and again is the all-important subject line.

That simple, 35+ character line of text is the first thing that your readers will see and will almost always determine if they open the email.

Sure, you need to make your case in the email itself, but if they don't open it, what good does it do? So, to make your life easier, I've included 7 top tips to help you create the perfect subject line.

1. Simplicity - People read email on their phones, in small windows, or on the go. A 40 character subject line may be powerful but it might not appear in full and it takes a while to read. Short, simple statements can be extremely powerful.

One of the most powerful email subject lines can be as simple as "have you seen this?..." People are immediately interested and you didn't need to write forty words.

2. Lists - Telling someone exactly what they'll get out of your email can also be highly effective. A Top 5, 7, or 10 list can be very useful in this regard. Just make sure you follow through on the promise. Actually use a list and provide valuable tips in the email.

3. Using their Name - A simple name function in your autoresponder can personalize the email and remind them that they asked you for the email. Spam is anonymous. Your messages should always seem personalized, and that starts in the subject line. In Aweber, the function to do this is {!firstname_fix}.

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4. Controversial or Cliffhanging - Something that makes a vague promise and trails off can be incredibly powerful. For example, "It's not your fault" or "it's cancelled..." can be extremely intriguing without saying much. Just be sure to follow through on the theme. This is a great way ti increase open rates in email marketing.

Don't just write whatever gets them to open the email and then leave it at that. You'll need to follow through with the promise of the message.

5. Dangle a Solution - If you know your readers have a specific problem or if you've already promised them solutions on your squeeze page, your subject line is a prime place to make the promise of a solution for that problem.

If they are trying to train their dog to stop biting, you could say "{!firstname_fix}, Dog Biting Ends Today!" You've just personalized and specified their problem at once. Open rates will skyrocket.

6. Tell a Joke - You can always be funny. Simple levity goes a long way toward getting someone to open a message that they might otherwise ignore. Remember, it still needs to be short, and ideally it should remain as personalized as possible with a {!firstname_fix} tag.

7. Avoid Gimmicks or Cliches - The quickest way to get a message tossed in the junk bin is to use a cliche or gimmick that they've seen a million times in other messages. Avoid using spam triggers like "Free" or "Act Now" and don't say anything too cheesy like "this will change your life..." or "You'd better sit down..."

Look through your own Spam folder. If you see anything that looks similar, start over. Aweber is useful here as it will provide you with spam scores to tell you what might get flagged in your message.

A good subject line in your email is the bridge you need between the gathering of their email address and the eventual sale of your affiliate opportunity to them. If you cannot get them into your email and interested in your opportunities, conversions are going to become very tough.

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