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Autoresponder Review

When you start building your mailing list, there would come a point that you would no longer be able to actually respond to email requests manually.

Autoresponders, as the name suggests, are great tools for automating email responses to your subscribers.

However, not all autoresponders are actually recommendable for use. If you want to make sure that you can get the most out of this service, then you have to make sure that the autoresponder that you use can do all the things that need to be done.

Below are a few things that you ought to look for in a good service when it comes to good autoresponder services.

1) Unlimited Hits.

As you will be expecting to process a number of requests everyday so you have to make sure that your autoresponder can process this but without you having to pay for additional costs. Otherwise, if you will have to pay for every time that someone makes a request for information through your autoresponder, you will never be able to break even lest enjoy profits.

2) Request Tracking.

If you are looking for a good autoresponder service then it would be best to find one that allows you to see and keep track of the number of requests that you get each day. This way, you get to determine how effective your e-mail marketing campaign has been. If you found it not as successful as you had hoped it to be then you can alter it. This should help you stick to what works for you and then multiply your efforts on it.


3) Alter Autoresponse.

Since you will be trying out certain things then another important feature to look for in a good autoresponder service is the unlimited times it allows you to change your response. This will allow you to change the subject line of your e-mail message as well as the first line of its content without having to pay additional costs every time you do so.

4) Message Sending Intervals.

Autoresponders allow you to send information, news and other updates through e-mail automatically. If you want a good autoresponder then you ought to find one that allows you to send messages at specific time intervals.

You have to be consistent and persuasive in your e-mail marketing campaign thus you have to make sure that your company as well as your products are exposed a few times to entice the prospective customer to buy it.

5) Store E-mail Addresses.

Storing e-mail addresses is an essential feature that a good autoresponder service must have. You have to make sure that the service you are getting could capture the e-mail address entered by the prospective client who has requested for information. This will help you reach them when you follow-up the initial offer you have sent them. A good service will allow you access to a log of the e-mail addresses.

Now, do not be fooled with autoresponder services that offer all these features – you also have to check how much they actually charge and compare them with other autoresponder services. Find the most cost-effective one and you will have found yourself the best autoresponder available. 

The best autoresponder service that I would reccomend is Aweber. Aweber is very easy to use when it comes to setting up a new campaign, inserting video or audio, and managing your subscribers across multiple lists.

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