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Recording Videos for Your Outsourcers

Tell me if you've ever had this problem before: you hire a contractor to take on your next programming or design task.

They have great feedback and lots of solid portfolio items, but when you get the first draft back, it's not anything like what you wanted.

You feel like you offered a good outline of the product, but clearly the contractor didn't quite understand what you were requesting.

For marketers who outsource most of what they do, this is an all too common risk and it can not only cost money, but waste a tremendous amount of time.

Getting Around Gaps in Communication

I've been at this a long time and have developed quite a few solutions for this problem. I used to write epic, long instructions. Then, I started using Photoshop to illustrate what I wanted. But, the only tool I've found that communicates exactly what I need consistently is video.

Video recordings of your instructions are highly valuable in a number of ways - mostly because your contractors can simply follow the exact onscreen instructions you've outlined.

Imagine how many tasks you outsource regularly. I outsource pretty much everything, unless I want to give it my own personal touch. That's a lot of tasks - link building, programming, graphic design, text writing, email responses - the list goes on and on.

Some of those tasks have specialists that won't need my direction. Others, I have a very particular way I want the task completed, and simply don't have time to do it. That's where video comes in. I can record a screen capture of me completing the task and then send it to the contractor.


Recording Your Training Videos

First, find a good piece of software that will do screen captures and record audio to go with it. I like to use Jing - a tool made by TechSmith, the company behind Camtasia. It is completely free and has all the tools you need for basic screen captures and editing.

I have found very few software tools that are as simple to use as Jing, and with a price tag you could never argue with, it's likely to be at the top of any marketer's software list. So, if you don't have it yet, download it now.

In regards to your outsourcing videos, the key is to be very detailed. The more specific you are in how you complete a task, the more specific you need to be in how you show your contractors. Here are some tips:

* Don't Skip Anything - Don't skip any tasks in your videos. Nothing is too simple to describe to someone who has never before worked with you. You may use these in the future as well, so it's good to be detailed early on.

* Make On Screen Notes Liberally - Jing makes it easy to write simple notes on the screen captures and videos. Use this tool regularly to make notes and point out key parts of the screen.

* Review and Update Your Videos Often - Things change, especially when it comes to sites like Twitter or Facebook. Update your videos as they change.

* Ask for Feedback - Never hesitate to ask for feedback from your contractors. If they don't understand something from the video, you can use that feedback to create even more detailed breakdowns of the content.

Once you have recorded your videos, take the resulting content and save it for future use. Having an organized, detailed library of training videos will save you a ridiculous amount of time in the future, reducing how long it takes to describe a project and ensuring you get the right finished product each time.

Whether you need articles or an entire website built, you should always know what features and details to include before hiring an outsourcer. That's where Commission Blueprint 2.0 (available as part of Internet Marketing Advantage now) comes in.

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Providing comprehensive tools to prepare your marketing plan going forward, Commission Blueprint 2.0 will ensure nothing is ever a "guess".

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