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Choosing a Niche For a Membership Web Site

Many internet entrepreneurs set up niche subscription websites and then sit back and hope that people will come and join in droves.

The truth is that you may wait forever if you did not do thorough research about your chosen niche.

Just as it is vital to carry out research for any other product you might want to sell online, it is equally important to research the niche for your membership website.

People will queue up to join your website if you’re offering what they are looking for. Otherwise they will be subscribing to your competitors’ membership sites that offer them what they need while you sit back and wait.

Even if a person has made up their mind to join a membership site, why should it be yours? What is the person looking for and are you ready to provide it? Do not deceive yourself that you can offer everything and sadly, a lot of people have made this mistake.

You simply can’t offer everything and neither can you meet everyone’s needs. That is why you should do some market research to identify what you should offer and what kind of people you should target with your offer.

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What if you were some kind of genius and invented a machine that would turn butter into garlic-flavored ice cream. Would you spend your time, effort and money trying to invent and make that machine, and then convince people to turn all their butter into ice cream? How many machines would you sell?

Wouldn’t it be far better to carry out a bit of research first? You would have discovered that ice cream is far cheaper than butter, and that people would be more willing to convert cheap ice cream into costly butter.

In any case, your research would have revealed that people preferred pistachio or strawberry flavored ice cream to garlic flavor. Thus, your invention was a non-starter and therefore doomed from the get go.

The same logic works for membership sites as well. Before you embark on creating your membership site, it’s important to carry out some market research first to find out what people would expect to find on your website. One unwritten rule to use is to find a niche that is not too broad but also not too specific or narrow.

For instance, consider a membership site about ‘dogs’. While it would be a popular subject, it would also be impossible to run because every member would be searching for a particular thing about dogs – some will search for dog health, others for training, while some will be interested in breeding. Likewise, a subscription site about dog collars would be too narrow.

So do your research first before deciding on what to put on your website. There are lots of online tools that can make this process easier. Select a niche you can write about and one you feel that you will be able to make money from. Don’t solely rely on membership fees for an income. Rather, create several income streams on your website, such as report sales, product sales, Adsense, and some advertising space.

You now have all it takes to create a membership website, so go for it and start to make money today.

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