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How to Get Your Website to Top 10 Rankings in Search Engines

Fully-functional websites with unique and interesting interactive user interfaces are no use if no one visits them anyway.

If you are a website owner then you probably know how important it is to make your site visible to as many people as you possibly could.

However, getting 30-40 visits should not simply satisfy you. There is too much competition that it is best that you should always aim for the best, preferably take a shot at getting to the top 10 rankings in search engines.

Doing so will not only help increase visibility and page visits but it will also help you increase the chances of getting sales and profits out of these views.

1) Keywords!

Keywords are very important in making a website searchable and visible on that particular topic. Make sure to include it into your title tag, which is the title of your webpage and the one that appears on top of the website browser.

Aside from that, keywords should also be sprinkled all throughout the content of your website. Mix out the words and incorporate them in long tail keyword phrases instead of just including the targeted words. However, you must also be careful in using them as search engines like Google could penalize or even ban your website when you have stuffed too much keywords into your website.

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2) Increasing Link Popularity

There are many ways to increase one’s link popularity over the Internet and each of these methods can surely help a website to get to the top 10 rankings in search engines. One of the first things to do would be to increase the inbound links or those links from other websites that direct to your site.

This can be increased by exchanging links with other websites – they post your link in their site and you post a link to their site in one of your pages, too. One may also do this through blog commenting and forum posting. Just be sure to include a URL of your website each time you post a comment or place it as a signature in your forum account.

Although quantity may be important in increasing the popularity of the link, ensuring that the links are of good quality is actually more important. Be sure that your links are located in sites whose topics are relevant to that of your website. You must make this a big part of your search optimization strategy.

3) Your Website’s Age

Getting your website to the top 10 rankings in search engines does not just require hard work but you also have to take part in the waiting game. If you own a website then you probably know that old websites are so much better than newly built ones. Why is that so? Older websites have been around for a longer time and are thus harder to fake.

Still, this should not discourage you to continue with your optimization efforts. All the hard work you do for today will surely pay off by the next year. You will see, things would be so much better for your website by then and you could already get yourself ahead of the race against your competitors.


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