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How to Run Your Own Membership Site

Every Internet marketer should aspire to the same thing- to own and sell your own content. Controlling the content you sell makes it possible to reach many more people than you ever could as an affiliate marketer.

And there is no better product to sell than a membership site once you find a profitable affiliate niche to work on.

The Benefits of a Membership Site

Depending on the niche, a member on a membership site will remain a member for between 2-5 months on average. Some average even longer.

Now, imagine what that does for your bottom line, and how much longer you could stretch that out if you had really useful content for months to come.

Forget making a single $37 profit. Try spreading that out over months or even years. With a $17 membership plan - you would make $204 a year per member (before affiliate commissions are taken out). The opportunities are substantial.

Additionally, most people are intrigued not only by the promise of fresh content month after month, but of the much lower up front cost than a static product. When you set up your initial offer, you'll put up a product they can hardly refuse - from there out, some fresh content every month makes it a breeze.

The Content Issue

Of course, if you're creating a membership site, you practically must outsource - finding quality writers and producers who can generate fresh, interesting content month after month. With a membership site, it's even more vital to snag a good provider.

Because, if the content isn't there, the members disappear with it. Consider hiring someone on Odesk through a larger affiliate content producer - this will allow you to ensure their availability month after month, bringing you steady, recurring income.

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Managing Your Site

You will also need to find a good tool to manage your membership site. Whereas most sites consist of a static sales page or landing page, an order form and a members area to download the purchase, a membership site will likely have hundreds of pages of managed content that needs to be protected.

Additionally, if your membership content is set up on a Month 1, Month 2, etc plan, you will need to be able to drip content to your users month after month, having it all queued up and ready to send out.

One of the best software tools I've found for this is Wishlist Member, a tool that transforms Wordpress into a membership site. The plugins provided by Wishlist Member make it incredibly easy to manage your content and maintain control over what people can see and how they make payments. And if you need to further customize your website, you could easily learn how to outsource programming jobs to RentaCoder.

Using Clickbank

Finally, you'll want to make sure you use a solid, well trusted service to process your payments and make payments to your affiliates. As always, I highly recommend that you go with Clickbank because of how easy it is to maintain your payments and get paid.

Trying to manage it yourself will only tack on a great deal of extra work to your schedule and make it far harder to manage your affiliates. Ideally, you never want to have to deal with payments, refunds, or affiliates if you can help it.

Getting Your Membership Site Started

Keep in mind that when you launch a membership site, you need more than 30 pages of content and 10 new pages a month. You need to offer something substantial that no one has ever seen before. In some niches, such as making money, you'll need to blow your members away, month after month. Learning how to setup and run a great forum will enhance stickiness and community spirit too.

But, if you can do that, trust me - you'll make a substantial profit with a good membership site. This is the pinnacle of marketing potential, across the board.

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