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How to Simplify the Process of Improving a Sales Copy

As a small business, you need to make the most out of the limited tools at your disposal to boost your sales.

Your sales copy is one such tool and it’s pretty straight forward: if your copy is bad, it won’t get you any sales, and if it’s good, your sales will shoot through the roof.

However, you will not be able to see the conversion rates of your sales copy increase over night; it takes time and hard work to see results.

To start the process of improving your sales copy, you need to identify the changes that need to be done and where you ought to make them.

Here’s how to improve your sales copy in a simpler way.

Approach your writing with humor: You’ve probably come across a sales copy that reads like one of the many dry corporate speeches full of needless jargon. True, the sole objective of your sales copy is to provide information about your product and lead to a sale but if you don’t make it fun for your prospect, they are likely not to buy your product.

The way your sales pitch is delivered matters a lot. A lot of companies publish sales copy that read more like an instruction manual or an essay. Liven up your copy and you can even include jokes where possible. When you include humor in your sales copy, it makes your prospects enjoy your copy and feel as if you’re engaging with them.

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Therefore your aim should be to create informative, light heated copy delivered with a tone that is humorous and easy for prospects to understand. This approach will get more prospects reading your sales copy and therefore increase your conversion rates.

Write For Real People: In the SEO world, there’s a lot of emphasis put on keywords and they will tell you to include your target keywords in your sales copy. There’s no problem with this and in fact, it helps a lot when it comes to giving your copy visibility.

What you have to remember is that you’re writing for human beings, not search engine crawlers and spiders. Human beings are not dumb, therefore your approach should be sensible. They want something that’s not only interesting but convincing too.

You may stuff all the keywords you want in your copy and it may eventually get adequate visibility but it all that exposure will not matter if people are only going to read the first two lines of your copy.

So, concentrate on creating great copy, not good keywords. When your copy appeals to prospects, they will not only enjoy reading it but will also help spread the word around with word-of-mouth advertising, which in the online marketing place is called viral marketing. It’s much easier to convince prospects using high quality copy.

Be Honest and Transparent: In the current times, there are all sorts of businesses doing the same thing and people are sold to from all sorts of directions. As such, it can be hard for them to make choices when buying.

If you want to stand out from the crowd and ensure repeat customers, you must be very honest and transparent. By the way, it’s now very easy to establish whether a product is just being hyped or not. Online communities are great places to learn about a product through user reviews and customer experience. Therefore, you don’t want to appear like a poseur and lose prospects. Make your sales copy simple and logical.

To sum up, it takes a gradual process to improve your sales copy and after some trials, you will know what works best for your business.

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