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How to Use Squeeze Pages to Improve Conversions

The squeeze page is a tool that can build a website for better conversion rates. Online businessmen often use this tool to collect a list of emails with potential customers which they can market their products and services.

On top of that, this is also a crucial website element to increase conversions as you build trust with your prospect by communicating with them.

Using squeeze pages enable you to grow your business in just a short period of time. By having a list of subscribers, you’ll be able to contact them for promotion and advertisement.

It is important to know how to use squeeze pages to improve conversions. If you have a long list of customers, you can expand your business quickly. Even if you have just started your own business, you can use this tool to get lots of potential customers. But if you don’t know how, then here are some steps:

How to use squeeze pages to improve conversion rates

The first thing you need is to provide content with about 200 to 300 words. It is important not to exceed from the average because could affect your conversion rate. If you keep the content short, you’ll make the life of your visitors much easier.

Once you already have content, the next step is to add links. There should be links on the page linking of the content located on your website and to other websites. It is ideal to have about 5 to 8 links in total. Do not provide too much links because the squeeze page might have negative feedbacks.

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The next step on how to use squeeze pages to improve conversion rates is to set up your squeeze page. If you know how to setup your own website, you’ll find squeeze pages easy to install. Set up your squeeze page as a page within your website.

This is fairly easy. Just post the squeeze page on your website and you are already good to go. If you don’t know how to do this, then you can hire an expert web developer to make things easy.

The last thing you need is to grab the attention of your viewers. This is very important. Without having to get the attention of your viewer, you might find it hard to convert traffic into sales. So be sure to make your squeeze page interesting for your site to increase in conversion rates.

These are the steps on how to use squeeze pages to improve conversion rates. Be sure to follow them so that you can install squeeze pages on your website.

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