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Successful Steps to Converting Ezine Subscribers to Clients

Any business website can attract huge amounts of traffic and even convert that traffic into potential clients. However, the chances of converting that traffic into potential clients is very low if there’s no suitable process for Ezine subscription.

It is rare for a website to attract lots of traffic when it doesn’t give any resources that a particular audience would find useful. In addition, even if you are providing a lot of information, it does not guarantee that a service or product that’s advertised will be bought.

The following are some thoughtful and useful steps that can help turn your website visitors into customers by first subscribing to your ezine.

1. Get the right visitors – You cannot convert traffic if you’re getting the wrong visitors to your website. Get the right visitors; those who would benefit from your service or product and then give them customized solutions. Use a traffic analytics tool (such as Google Analytics) to help you know the origin and amount of traffic you’re receiving. In general, the most useful traffic is one you’ll receive from referrals.

2. Ensure your visitors know what you want them to do – If you don’t tell your visitors what to do with the information you’ve provided, they will not do anything. Your homepage is the key. Put everything you want visitors to do on this page. However, keep it simple and direct. Tell them to sign up to your Ezine and be clear on what it’s all about – eBook, newsletter, or other important information.

3. Make it easy for your visitors to take action – If your visitors cannot find the information you want them to see, it doesn’t matter what the value your information holds. Therefore, carefully place valuable and actionable information where it can be easily read, for instance, at the top left-hand corner of your home page. You will also want to place the signup form on every page for increased visibility.


4. What do your visitors stand to gain – It’s much easier to get visitors to sign up if you offer some kind of incentive, like an eBook, an audio or video tutorial, or an e-course, make sure you fully describe what the incentive is and why it’s beneficial to them. Also, tell your visitors that you’ll keep in touch as much as you can. This is an important point to take note of to get visitors to take action when you learn internet marketing.

5. Make your visitors feel at ease – You realize that your Ezine subscribers are giving you their personal information and naturally, they will feel uneasy at times. Therefore, make it a point to emphasize that their personal information will be kept safe and be clear on your privacy policy.

6. Let your subscribers know of the next steps after signing up – Usually, when people sign on to Ezines, they are required to confirm before the process can be completed. So, you need to remind them to this so that they can receive whatever they signed up for.

7. Customize your confirmation email – Be consistent in your emails by using the same fonts and graphics as you used on your website. Generic language is what you should avoid. Your subscribers should find it easy to relate to you through consistency.

8. Tell your subscribers to white list your email address – Most email programs forward unknown incoming mail to the spam folder, so ensure your email is white listed by your subscribers so that it doesn’t end up there.

9. Deliver on your promises – Don’t let your subscribers wait for your Ezine. Once they’ve been confirmed, they should be able to receive the information right away without any more hustles.

10.  And finally, send a customized ‘thank you’ message – Just as you ought to do with the confirmation email, you need to make your ‘thank you’ message clear and concise. Make it easy for your subscribers to contact you and give them an opt-out link. Just ensure the sign up process is seamless and straight forward.

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